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How sad is this? Two black women call each other out at the welfare office.

And we are not talking about kids, but grown women.

Who knows what the fight was about, but what we do know is it was over nothing.

This fight showcases eight years in the Era of Obama. Instead of black president creating a Renaissance of sorts with blacks, we devolved as a culture.

The outcome was this stupid fight.

Partial transcript:

Girl in Black: Run up!

Girl in Pink: Who want you? I want you. I want you, Bitch. I want you Bitch.

Girl in Black: Run up.

Repeat on both.

Girl in Pink: You talked all that shit…I’m right here.

The guy videotaping laughs.

The talk escalates, even as the guy in the aquamarine shorts involves himself verbally.

Eventually, the very large girl in pink “runs up” on the chick in black, and the tussle begins. It wasn’t much of a fight, but more of one really big chick pressing her body weight on the other less-big-but-still-fat chick in black.

The videographer chuckles as he says he’s going to get closer.

What’s most shocking is the audience participation. No men broke up the fight, as there weren’t any men present.

Oh, there were black dudes who resembled men, but men would have stepped in and demanded decorum.

One girl appears to want to step in to break things up when the guy in the blue shorts interrupts. The woman ends up slapping him, as the videographer narrates.

It’s bad enough the place was loaded with blacks. They should have been there looking for jobs, and not merely looking to pick up a check. What’s really disturbing is you see children in the background. They look to be around 6-years-old or so. Then, there are even strollers in the foreground, so these women were undoubtedly mothers.

One could make the case to have these children removed from the mothers’ custody.

However, trust me when I tell you that the kids could have it far worse.

Sadly, when people ask why blacks are under-employed, videos like this provide the answer. These were able-bodied people who were fighting or watching the fight. Everybody there seemed capable of holding down a job. But don’t hold your breath on that.

Finally, where was security?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, security is needed in the most mundane of circumstances.



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