MEN CONFRONT LIONS: All zoos are petting zoos if you have the guts [VIDEO]

MEN CONFRONT LIONS: All zoos are petting zoos if you have the guts [VIDEO]

Imagine a world where leftists had to get their food like these bushmen!

Let’s just say there would be no need for former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” program.

I can’t imagine a leftist on the planet willing to get his or her meal like these bushmen. Leftists believe their meat comes packaged with styrofoam and wrapped in plastic.

As these three bushmen show, that’s not how it’s necessarily done. Watch as these three bushmen intimidate a pride of over 15 lions from a wildebeest kill.


So who are these tribesmen?

They are Dorobo hunters from the Southern region of Kenya. Believe it or not, these men have actually tracked these lions, as the lions make a kill.  

In order to feed their families, the men must use their brains and teamwork to secure a meal.

As you can see in the video, the men allow a pride of lions to kill a wildebeest. Then, with bravery unknown by most people, the men then steal their dinner as brazenly as one can imagine.

For most people, bumping into a pack of 15 bloodthirsty lions tucking into a fresh kill would be enough to make you turn around and run like you’ve never run before. But to actually track the deadly carnivores in order to steal their meal?

However, for these tribesmen, this trek provides an opportunity to feast. And believe it or not, this instance was no anomaly. These men and others do this routinely.

And while we may have an issue with age in America, know that the oldest member of the group – at 65 – led the way.

The mystery of how people become vegans and vegetarians has been solved.

From this vantage point, herbivores represent wimps. They don’t have the guts to get meat, thus they leave that chore to real men. Let’s face it, outside of a Venus fly trap, there is little danger from plant life.

As a proud carnivore, I learned a while back that metrosexuals evolved to eat things like Arugula.

Anybody think Barack Obama is truly a descendant of these people? Psst!

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