Another MSNBC Political Hack Anchor On the Chopping Block

Another MSNBC Political Hack Anchor On the Chopping Block

And they say FOX News has issues?

The network that gave us Al Sharpton as a host has the nerve to say that FOX News is in trouble?

And what of Melissa Harris-Perry?

This woman makes blonde jokes not funny.

Harris-Perry was dumber than the Democrats who believe Obama was a good president. For those who still do, just know that Obama gave the Republicans the House and the Senate. Oh, and DONALD TRUMP!

Along with her many other gaffes, Harris-Perry proclaimed that Star Wars is racist.

Next, MSNBC gave America Keith Olbermann. We recently wrote of this blowhard, since he called for a coup of the United States government.

The man is unemployable on any reasonable news channel and is relegated to YouTube.

Rachel Maddow gave us the updated version of Al Capone’s vault. To explain how bad things are for her, her debacle on Trump’s taxes was her highest rated show.

In short, MSNBC can’t pick a winning team to save their lives.

FOX, by comparison, looks like Utopia. The only criteria to be an MSNBC host apparently is hatred of Conservatives, because it certainly isn’t competence.

MSNBC has another anchor under fire. It appears that political hack Lawrence O’Donnell is on the chopping block. The Huffington Post believes so:

Lawrence O’Donnell, host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” has just four weeks left in his contract, and the cable network does not appear to be interested in renewing his deal. Four well-placed sources tell HuffPost that MSNBC has not been in contact with O’Donnell’s team of representatives to negotiate a new deal.

The absence of active negotiations weeks before a contract expires is highly unusual and often a sign that a contract won’t be renewed. News networks normally don’t risk letting the contract of a host who has a highly rated program expire or even come close to expiring before renegotiating. A short time-frame puts the network at a strategic disadvantage in talks, that’s why cable networks often start negotiating renewals six to nine months in advance of a contract ending.

A spokesman for NBC News declined to comment on “ongoing negotiations.” Although, multiple sources from inside and outside the network have told HuffPost that no negotiations have taken place.

Below is what was sent to me by one of my staffers who monitors Leftist sites and gets their emails.

It appears that O’Donnell or the handful of people who support him search for lifelines.

John, longtime MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is in danger of losing his show when his contract ends in early June.  

Show your public support for Lawrence and his show — click, then add your name and tell MSNBC that you’re with Lawrence.

While contract negotiations have finally begun (very late, which is a bad sign), NBC employees have said the network wants Lawrence gone because he criticizes Donald Trump too much. Specifically, the network was concerned that Lawrence has called Donald Trump a liar.

Note the last part of that message.

MSNBC now appears to want pundits whose only “schtick” is not criticizing President Trump. Apparently, lamestream media has begun to get the message. 

We documented the mea culpa of the New York Times, as their management team recognized that they didn’t mislead Conservatives. They misled Leftists. The NY Times gave these people hope that Hillary Clinton could be the next president, only to watch that hope fade into political oblivion.

CNN’s CEO Zucker remains a holdout. He claimed that beating on President Trump improves the morale of his team. Well, it may improve morale, but it doesn’t improve the bottom line.

As for O’Donnell, he’s deader than disco. Gone like a turkey through the corn.

He’s a has-been who relies on the former “tried and true” Alinsky playbook. However, his bosses see the triage to their bottom line by paying fat salaries to people who bring nothing to the political discourse.

America is made better when we share ideas. The reason President Trump must Make America Great Again is because Leftist stifled free speech. They may be diverse in appearance, but they are not diverse in thought.

Leftist are for the most part morons unable to handle any challenge to their ideology. This is the very reason Lawrence O’Donnell will not be on MSNBC, the worst network in the politics.


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