BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS RACIST Tells College Students to ‘Get in Trouble’

BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS RACIST Tells College Students to ‘Get in Trouble’

Civil Rights dinosaur John Lewis apparently no longer believes in non-violence.

He now embraces the Democrat tactics that got him his butt-kicking in the past.

Lewis told students during a commencement address on Saturday that they should “get in the way” and “get in trouble.” Because the “country needs you now more than ever before.”

As a young 19-year-old boy, Lewis, left his home in Alabama to attend the American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee. There, he learned about nonviolent protest and helped to organize sit-ins at segregated lunch counters. Now he champions for violence and “resistance” against President Trump and his stance on illegal immigration, and about everything else.

Lewis bragged about his many arrests, the importance of civil disobedience. He then regaled the students with stories about his most recent arrest fighting for immigration reform:

“And since I’ve been in Congress, arrested another five times,” Lewis said. “My last arrest, almost two years ago, and two other private citizens and eight Democratic members of Congress had a protest on the Capitol grounds, trying to get the speaker of the House to bring forth a comprehensive immigration reform bill. … It doesn’t make sense for millions and millions of people, including little children, to be living in fear in the United States of America. Set people on the path to citizenship!”

In the speech, Louis described many of the difficult challenges he faced during the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Then this racist relic tried to compare those real difficulties of the past to perceived difficulties of today.

“Our country needs you now more than ever before,” Lewis said. “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation, a mandate to stand up, speak up and speak out.”

What a travesty.

Lewis should be beaten again for trying to compare the difficulties of the ’60s to today. To do so is a joke.

John Lewis fought to end segregation, a system established by the very party of which he is a member. Lewis helped lead a march in Alabama for the rights to vote, again a right curtailed by racist Democrats.

During that protest, Lewis and many other Freedom Riders were attacked by state troopers. They were severely beaten, and Lewis suffered a fractured skull. These violent attacks would later become what is known as “Bloody Sunday.”

So the man who fought against the Democrats to be seen as equals, and suffered horrific violence now encourages others to act out in hatred and violence?

Ironically, his speech was about illegal immigration. He spoke of this crime as if blacks were beaten for a crime. Illegal immigrants are not beaten or oppressed. In fact, quite the contrary. Most are treated better than citizens. They have access to welfare, medical care, and other benefits.

Illegals are entitled to human rights. However, they are not entitled to the rights of taxpaying Americans.

Despite what Lewis wants to convey, illegals are not being lynched, whipped, enslaved, segregated, and treated as less than human. To give these young students any other impression is irresponsible and reckless.

Lewis proves how alluring the call of the Left can be. Further, his actions demonstrate how controlling they are once they’ve sucked you in. They beguiled Lewis enough to make him the Pied Piper of civil wrongs.


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