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ANTIFA Punk PUMMELED: Tries to Block Patriot Wearing ‘In God We Trust’ Shirt [VIDEO]

Liberal THUGS are the most arrogant creatures on the planet to think they can deny others’ rights through violence and intimidation.

But American Patriots have had enough. We will not be intimidated into silence.

ANTIFA Leftists showed up in Portland, Oregon last weekend to “stand against police targeting.” In response, the “Patriot Prayer” group organized an “Antifa Watch” to ensure that protesters didn’t break the law or block traffic, as they’ve done on multiple previous occasions since Donald Trump’s election.

The Patriot Prayer Facebook invitation stated:

“All are welcome to join but please do not come if you cannot control your temper. This is not a rally or a march.”

Emotions ran high as the two groups converged in Chapman Square. As this video clearly shows, patriots are standing up and fighting back!

There are a couple of interesting parts of this exchange.

First, a particularly abrasive woman in sunglasses tried to order Trump supporters around and got a dose of reality for her trouble.

She yells, “You don’t get to come into this space and run your f***ing mouth like that. You stay over there.”

When the patriot in a black leather jacket tells her to back off, she and other masked females yell their curses louder. He then tells her that he won’t fight a chick, but that her mouth is going to get one of her liberal male counterparts (all curiously silent at this point) “f****d up.”

She finally gets in his face once too often, and he responds:

“Get one of your dudes to stop me,” in an obvious attempt to avoid hitting the he-woman doing all the yelling.

What’s interesting is that NO ANTIFA “man” stepped up.

It was clear to me that the man in leather wasn’t just “talk,” but was indeed prepared to back up his actions.

In a separate scenario, another ANTIFA man-child decided to provoke a fight with a large patriot in yellow who knows how to handle himself.

ANTIFA Punk pummeledThe kid tried to stop the “In God We Trust” shirt wearer from walking past the thugs who seemed to think a public park was their own personal safe space.

The patriot made the liberal thug quickly regret it, as he knocked the sissy boy down with a vengeance, and said:

“Don’t f***ing touch me.”

At this point, the video reveals an even more interesting aspect of ANTIFA strategy.

Although the Antifa punks showed up armed (notice their metal baseball bats), in the face of real strength, they all scatter.

Why? Because not one of those leftist cowards was prepared to throw down with grown men.

Instead, they let their women do all the talking and threaten most of the violence. The Leftist “men” let angry feminazis do their fighting for them.

Clearly, American Patriots are fed up.

We’re not going to be bulldozed by violent, screaming alt-left terrorists (male or female) any longer.

ANTIFA Punk pummeledThe one punch take down sparked an ANTIFA screaming match against the Patriot Prayer members. The thugs raised their forearms to face level, as if ready for combat.

But then reality kicked in again. A Patriot Prayer member called police when he spotted one of the he-women carrying a metal bat and other weapons.

That Patriot’s description to police of armed thugs caused the leftists to scatter like cats on a hot tin roof.

The feline in sunglasses angrily tried to hit the patriot using his phone to record the incident but was stopped by one of her man-child fellow thugs.

Another older feminist declared:

“We’ve got the right to tell people what they can and cannot do. People here are peacefully assembling.”

All evidence to the contrary, as the patriots pointed out.

“We were just walking. You people have f***ing bats. And we’re the f***ing violent ones? You’re walking around with baseball bats.”

To which the older feminist declared:

“The aggressors are those who keep closing the space. They are the violent ones.”

Such is the liberal mindset. Armed thugs aren’t seen as aggressors by Leftists unless they’re Trump supporters. You can bet that if any of the Patriots had been armed, those leftist thugs would have been on the phone to police faster than President Trump dismantled Obama’s legacy.

Then a lying ANTIFA feminazi with pink hair put her hands up as if about to strike and claimed:

“We’re trying to deescalate. Thank you for bringing the violence.”

Someone really should give these alt-left idiots a screening of their own actions. Maybe if they viewed their own violence, they’d finally admit to it.

It’s amazing how quickly things calm down when liberals are held accountable by law enforcement.

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