Bill Nye the Science Hack Gets DESTROYED

Bill Nye the Science Hack Gets DESTROYED

It’s nice to see that many people can see through the farce of Bill Nye.

We’ve written before, Bill Nye is hardly a scientist.  He started out as an actor and comedian.

Bill Nye the science hackThen, he became a comedy writer and performer on the show almost live. There he earned the nickname “the science guy,” likely because he was a nerd.

Nye is less of a science guy than Dolph Lundgren. So why does the Left keep pushing Nye as a scientist, when he only holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering?

The Left will use and “pimp” out anyone who will push their flawed ideology no matter what the facts are. Bill Nye knows as much about science, as Obama knows about investing.

Nevertheless, Nye has a new show.

“Bill Nye saves the World” debuted on Netflix in April and is being used to discredit and shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with the Left’s progressive agenda.

Viewers aren’t overly happy with Nye’s show and have flooded Reddit with reviews on just how inaccurate Nye’s “science” really is.

Users say he doesn’t properly explain anything and he misrepresents every opposing view.

One user named “Sloth859,” who has been a fan of Nye since age 10, wrote several reviews of his new show.

The user noted that in one episode on fad dieting, Nye misrepresented paleo dieting as “only eating meat.”

In another episode, Nye “shuts down” nuclear energy as an alternate energy source to fossil fuel, arguing that “nobody wants it.”

In a third episode, “Sloth859” slammed Nye for dismissing vinegar as an alternative medicine source simply because it “doesn’t change the pH level of an acidic solution.” The user continued:

He dismiss [sic] the fact that vinegar has been used to treat upset stomach for a long time. How does vinegar treat an upset stomach? Does it actually work, or is it a placebo affect? Does it work in some cases, and not in others? If it does anything, does it just treat a symptom, or does it fix the root cause?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions because he just dismissed it as wrong and only showed me that it doesn’t change the pH level of an acidic solution. Also, there are many foods that are believed to help prevent diseases like fish (for heart health), high fiber breads (for colon cancer), and citrus fruits (for scurvy).

A healthy diet and exercise will help prevent cardiovascular disease, and will help reduce your blood pressure among other benefits. So obviously there is some reasoning behind some alternative medicine and practices and to dismiss it all as a whole is stupid.

Another user wrote:

“This show is everything wrong with the public perception of science. Science isn’t about dismissing critical views, and accepting everything you’re told at face value. It’s about critically analyzing the way the world works and challenging your own beliefs. This show is trash and deserves every piece of criticism it receives.”

Nye has made a name for himself by pushing evolution and climate change as “settled science.”

Who settled it. and criticizing anybody who denies it. 

Next, Nye criticizes anybody who denies what he now deems settled. Again, is he an expert?

Nye discusses why people come to America:

“People still move to the United States and that’s largely because of the intellectual capital. We have a general understanding of science and when you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in that it holds everybody back.”

No Bill, what holds everyone back are the brain-dead morons known as leftists. They aren’t open to any discussion, which is why they surround themselves with idiots who think as they do.

Real education requires questioning. And one cannot be afraid to challenge one’s views.


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