Black Democrat Congressman SLAMS OBAMACARE then removes tweet

Black Democrat Congressman SLAMS OBAMACARE then removes tweet

Obamacare would be an embarrassment to anybody except brain-dead leftists.

Privately, Democrats know Obamacare is a complete failure.

They hang onto it like the “skinny clothes” they swear they will one day fit in again. Because they so hope for that spark that Obama lit in them back in 2008.

The problem is Obama now has a track record, a legacy. A failed legacy.

And a big part of that legacy lies with Obamacare. So when Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D) took to Twitter early Sunday to slam the “cruel” health care system following a hate crime in Portland, he was slamming Obamacare.

“Our healthcare system is so cruel, one of the heroes of the Portland stabbing has to crowdfund his lifesaving medical care,” Ellison tweeted.

Image source: screenshot
Image source: screenshot

Embarrassed by his declaration, Ellison later deleted the tweet sometime Sunday afternoon.

The tweet referred to a hate crime that took place in Portland, Oregon, late Friday night.  

Two men defended young Muslim girls from a white supremacist who was harassing them on a commuter train. Later, the two men were killed.

In addition to two men who were killed, a third man was also injured in the attack and remains hospitalized.

To help defray medical costs of 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher — the attack’s lone survivor — friends are crowdfunding to raise money on GoFundMe.

Despite Obamacare, this young man needs to crowdfund to pay for his medical care.

Although the goal of $100,000 was almost a sure bet, Keith Ellison lamented the fact that such steps were needed. After all, wasn’t healthcare supposed to be free under Obamacare?

It’s clear that Ellison noticed his faux pas, which is why he deleted the tweet. And he is not alone.

As I indicated earlier, Democrats truly don’t like the legislation, they just like beating conservatives. So what Obamacare broke major promises that moron made during the election.

The cost of healthcare rose dramatically. Their weak defense was they “slowed the growth” of health insurance costs; another lie.

Obama promised we could keep our existing plans and doctors. We all know how that went.

But he also promised that nobody making under $200,000 a year or a couple earning $250,000 a year would get a tax increase. That’s exactly what Obamacare did.

Moreover, the legislation killed millions of jobs. Employers aren’t dumb, and the known and unknown costs of Obamacare panicked most employers. Others took the legislation as an opportunity to rid themselves of the burden of providing healthcare. Ultimately, Obamacare divested as many people from their insurance as insured.

Ellison asked the right question. Then like the coward he is, he backtracked after figuring out what he had done.


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