Black Racist College Snowflakes Demand SEGREGATED Residence Halls

Black Racist College Snowflakes Demand SEGREGATED Residence Halls

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. undoubtedly rolls over in his grave over this latest move by black Leftist snowflakes.

His grandchildren’s generation spits on his legacy by fighting for a cultural disease that King died trying to end.

Racial segregation is back on college campuses, as social justice warriors now require it.

Snowflakes Demand SEGREGATED ResidenceThe trend started with classroom discussions by white professors who felt superior to blacks or black professors who felt inferior to whites. They allowed nonsense like “white privilege” to enter the lexicon.

More recently, we reported that black liberals at Harvard demanded a segregated graduation ceremony because they want “fellowship and to build a community” claimed the event organizer, Michael Higgins.

And now, liberal snowflakes want segregated Residence Halls on Campus.

Why? To protect leftist students from everyone who sees the world differently than they do.

The University of Colorado at Boulder will indulge this infantile demand by transforming one dorm into a “Social Justice Living Environment.”

As Campus Reform noted:

Hallett Hall will be split into three “Living Learning Communities,” one for “LGBTQIA-identified students and their allies,” another for “students passionate about diversity,” and a third for “black-identified students and their allies.”

“We hope to foster a community of diversity and communication not only in Hallett, but all across campus.”

The hall already hosts the “Spectrum LLC” for “LGBTQIA-identifying students,” offering “social and educational activities focusing on community dialogue and support,” as well as access to gender-neutral bathrooms.

In addition, the new “Lucile B. Buchanan” portion of the hall will be set aside specifically for “those identifying with elements of the African and Black Diaspora and their community allies.”

All three LLC’s provide a live-in “peer mentor” on each floor who will “provide individual support to students” and facilitate programming for each community.

Peer mentor Valerie Gao believes that “everybody has a unique role in the movement for social equity.”

The groups that seem to be included in this special housing are as follows:

  • All  Sexual Orientations other than Heterosexuals
  • Every Sexual Identity or Trans-Sexual Identity other than the plumbing you were born with
  • All  Race or Trans-Race other than White
  • Every political ideology other than conservative.

In other words, this living spaces segregation includes the following categories: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersexual, Pansexual, Two Spirits, Asexual, and Allies.

The only students apparently excluded are those who identify as white, heterosexual, or conservative.

The death of integration is at hand.

And university administrators like Dean of Students Akirah Bradley are over the moon about it.

“We are beyond excited for the introduction of this new program and the opportunity to building communities grounded in intercultural dialogue. We hope to foster a community of diversity and communication not only in Hallett [Hall] but all across campus.”

However, such segregation is not inclusive. It is exclusive.

In this case, whites, heterosexuals, and conservatives find themselves omitted from this “intercultural dialogue.”

Furthermore, with the death integration, there is a corresponding death of reasoned debate. Such dialogue is not possible in a “safe” environment that does not force students to confront their own biases.

By appeasing social justice warriors, institutions like the University of Colorado train our youth to demand eternal infancy. And these morons self-segregate, the very thing their ancestors fought against.

Where is the next generation of mature adults going to come. It certainly won’t be from this batch.

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