86-Year-Old Great-Grandmother TARGETED by Racist CA Atty General

86-Year-Old Great-Grandmother TARGETED by Racist CA Atty General

The Office of California’s replacement-State Attorney General Xavier Becerra is a racist.

And he openly shows his intolerance towards Conservatives. 

The current target of his show of power is an 86-year-old widow and great-grandmother.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported her crime as follows:

On April 17, the California Attorney General’s Office filed two misdemeanor charges racist CA atty generalof electioneering where voters may be casting votes against Edith “Edie” Knight of Atascadero, who ran successfully in the June election for a seat on the Republican Central Committee.

If convicted of both counts, Knight could face up to a year in San Luis Obispo County jail.

In his criminal complaint, Deputy Attorney General Abtin Amir alleges that Knight unlawfully solicited a vote while a voter was casting a ballot, and audibly disseminated information that advocated for or against a candidate or ballot measure within 100 feet of a polling place.

It is illegal to participate in any campaigning or electioneering within 100 feet of a polling place.

There you have it. A heinous criminal, if ever I saw one.

“You’ve Called Down The Thunder…Well Now You Got It!” Edie Knight is a legend in grassroots politics in California.

The longtime GOP stalwart of the Central Coast has been volunteering and working on campaigns all the way back to when Ronald Reagan ran for governor.

As the Sacramento Bee explains, the State AG just picked a fight with no ordinary senior citizen:

But the California attorney general’s office should think twice before dragging Edie Knight into court on a misdemeanor rap.

That person, who has not been identified, filed a report with the Atascadero Police Department, which forwarded it to the District Attorney’s Office. Because the YouTube post questions the D.A.’s objectivity, noting Knight was among his campaign donors, the case was forwarded to the attorney general’s office.

Knight’s defenders say she was merely reminding friends to vote, not telling them whom to vote for, and even if she did violate rules, it was unintentional.

Electioneering is rare. Prosecutions for it are rarer. Occasionally poll workers spot a campaign T-shirt or button, but typically handle it with a warning; voters usually are quick to comply.

Not the case with the power-obsessed Becerra.

Republican State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez has called upon the Attorney General to drop the two misdemeanor charges Knight is facing.

She also questions Becerra’s bias in handling of another hot button political controversy taking place in the once-Golden State:

“I urge you, as Attorney General, to focus on issues that will benefit California and its citizens,” Melendez wrote in a letter to Becerra. “Your office can do good and important things. Prosecuting senior citizens for minor and unintentional infractions, however, does neither. I urge you to forgo the prosecution of Edie Knight in this case and refocus your priorities to protect and serve the people of California.”

“Ironically, this [Knight] prosecution is taking place at the same time your office has declined to explore malfeasance and possible illegal activity in the University of California Office of the President.”

Wishful Thinking.

Unfortunately Mrs Melendez and most California Republicans already know that California is a complete one-party state.

Thus, Democrats are no longer timid about hiding their disdain for alternative points of view.

As for Becerra, he marches in full lock-step with the major pet issues of modern liberal-progressives:

Can we be surprised by anything the Socialist-Left does in California anymore? Shockingly, California Democrats supporte legislation that would have openly embraced communism in state government positions.

California Democrats have long had the reputation of being unwilling to compromise with their Republican opponents. However, with rise of the Sanders wing and the decline of moderate Democrats, do not expect simple mediation anytime soon.

Comrade Stalin would have been so proud.

If you want to help support Edie Knight, click on this link.
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