MODERN SLAVERY: California Professor MOCKS BLACKS with Curl Event

MODERN SLAVERY: California Professor MOCKS BLACKS with Curl Event

During the slave trade only the finest slaves were the ones that got picked.

Slave owners, Democrats all, wanted the stronger more muscular type. Slaves that were taller, stronger and were able to work under strenuous conditions were most desirable.

professor mocks blacksThough slavery was abolished years ago, remnants of slavery surface from time to time. The only thing is we have learned to overlook it.

For example, like slavery on college campuses.

A professor at Orange Coast College in California recently banned the school’s Republican Club from attending a public African-American women’s round-table discussion. The professor, Jessica Alabi sent out an email to three campus officials announcing that she would not allow Republican students to attend citing “safe space” concerns.

The letter reads:

“Hi Kevin. I just told the Republican club that they could not come to the Curl Talk event. This event is an African American / Women’s round table discussion. I asked Vincent why was he doing this and I was very upset. He brought five people who kept saying that they were told that they could come to women’s history month events.  I just want everyone to be advised that the African American female students had and still have an expectation that this is a safe space event. If the college will not stand up to the Republican club, I have decided to stand up for myself and other students. Just wanted to keep you informed.”

The note is patently racist, but overt racism on college campuses surprises no one these days.

But the more interesting aspect to the note lies in the fact that it reminds me of the slave trade.

You see, some black women are acceptable to Professor Alabi, but some are not.

She has distinguished black women by their “ideologies,” the same way slave masters of the past were separated by physical features.

Are Republican women not black enough to attend the Curl Talk event? Do they not share similar cultural experiences as other black women?

Of course they do. But Professor Alabi and others in wackademia don’t really care about black women, per se. They care that black women behave as the system has trained them. Thus, some black women can’t attend because frankly these black women would have none of this nonsense.

Part of the behavior system of the leftists requires that black sisters ostracize certain other black sisters. And blacks excelled at this in the past.

Black people could be vicious to one another. They judged each other on things like the type and texture of hair, the size of one’s lips, and certainly the color of one’s skin. In the old days, the closer to “white” a black person’s features were, the better they were considered among other blacks.

These days, the worm has turned.

The more “black” one acts, the better their treatment in wackademia.

Rachel Dolezal recognized this very phenomenon, which is why she pretended to be black.

But what exactly is “being black?”

Apparently, Professor Alabi and other leftists decide that for all blacks.

All Americans, particularly ethnocentric blacks should be outraged at this professor. A wackademic deciding standards of acceptability, and eliminating one group or class, based on what?

Based on some personal standard of acceptability artificially set by leftists.

I give you the SLAVE TRADE.

For the record, black Republican women represent the BEST of ALL women, not just black women.

These women should have been front and center at this event, as they have kept this nation together, and not the chickenhead black women on the Left.

Unlike their counterparts, Republican women are indeed safe. They marry and raise their children with a spouse. Their children don’t fill America’s prisons or languish on welfare rolls.

What wackademics like Professor Alabi want are dumb black women. Smart black women need not attend.

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