BREAKING: Drunk Driver PLOWS Through Pedestrians in Times Square

BREAKING: Drunk Driver PLOWS Through Pedestrians in Times Square

A robbery suspect injured at least 22 people injured and killed one when he plowed through pedestrians in New York City’s Times Square.

Multiple skyscrapers are on lockdown at this hour as police investigate the incident.

Details continue to unfold in this breaking event. The New York Police Commissioner and Mayor just wrapped up a news conference. They confirmed this was a single car accident and was not terror-related.

According to Fox News, Bronx resident and military veteran Richard Rojas, 26, drove 20mph the wrong way down the heavily foot-trafficked 7th avenue. He was trying to evade police who pursued him on suspicion of robbery.

But for three blocks, Rojas’ maroon Honda slammed into multiple pedestrians on the sidewalk before crashing into a metal barrier. What we know at this hour is that three people are in critical condition, one person is dead, and a total of twenty-two sustained injuries in this horrific tragedy.Drunk Driver PLOWS Through Pedestrians

Witnesses report that the car started smoking shortly after the crash, then caught fire. But FDNY quickly extinguished the flames and attended to the victims.

All we know about the fatality victim is that she was an 18-year-old girl, walking through Times Square with her sister when tragedy struck. The sister was also injured, but the family has not yet been notified by authorities.

Rojas was arrested on two previous occasions for driving while intoxicated. And it was clear to investigators at the scene that the suspect was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol today as well.

Several buildings in the area are on lockdown as police swarmed the busy intersection., which is typically heavily populated with tourists, and corporate employees.

Times Square is typically a very heavily populated tourist epicenter and a major artery for corporate employees to traverse. More than 400,000 pedestrians walk through the area every single day.

In recent years, the city poured millions of dollars into security upgrades in order to improve pedestrian safety. Sadly, that didn’t help the victims of today’s terrible events.

We will keep you updated as details unfold in this breaking news event.

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