Marc Lamont Hill STUMPED: Can’t Name One Example of Right-Wing Rioters [VIDEO]

Marc Lamont Hill STUMPED: Can’t Name One Example of Right-Wing Rioters [VIDEO]

The Left love to defend their violent behavior.

They don’t even see it as violent; they see it as “necessary”. The ends justifies the means.

Thus, “love trumps hate” remains a catchy slogan, and another false narrative.

In recent months two conservative’s, Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter have tried to speak at Berkeley University. Both were welcomed with outrageous acts of violence as students burned down businesses, shattered glass windows, and injured people to show their dissatisfaction.

“Professor” Marc Lamont debated Breitbart’s Ben Ferguson on how the University of Berkeley should not be blamed for their student’s behavior and that violence occurs on both sides.

“I think it’s also a bit inaccurate to say that this is a problem purely on the Left…we have intolerance on the left and on the right,” said Hill.

“I traveled to college speaking circuits all the time in school, and the right boycotts, they write letters not to let me in.”

Conservatives may write letters, boycott, and protest, but we don’t burn things down.

In response to Lamont’s comments that violence occurs on both sides, Ferguson asks Hill to name one incident where Conservatives acted as Leftists.

Lamont was noticeably stumped. So, he deflected. He mentioned conservatives “blow up abortion clinics” and “burn down mosques.” He added,

“No, it’s not necessarily on college campuses although sometimes it is, and there have been right-wing riots on college campuses as well,” said Lamont

Conservatives don’t do either.

Most mosque attacks have been by other Muslims. And as for abortion clinics, it is true these clinics are burned down. I found a story about two clinics attacked, one in Pullman, WA, then another in Thousand Oaks, CA. But there was no link to “Conservatives.” Further, there was certainly no #BLM-type protest that led to the destruction.

Nevertheless, the issue at hand was around colleges and universities, and the lack of free speech for Conservatives. And to that burning issue, Ben Ferguson was quick to ask the very simple question:

“Where?…Marc, tell me one example where conservatives on a campus have done this, one example.”

Again Hill deflected to President Trump’s threat of removing funding from UC Berkeley.

He reiterated that colleges and universities were not at fault.

However, they are; as are most institutions of “higher ed”.

Colleges and universities are an institution. And that institution is overwhelmingly Leftist. The brainwashed unwashed using our tax dollars for indoctrination.

They teach anarchy as curricula much of the time. Berkeley offers a great example of exactly what I’m saying.

They and other colleges and universities invest in anarchy and foment it.

College campuses brainwash.

They force their dogma on students. Moreover, to get ahead as a professor, capitulate or die.

It doesn’t take long to get both students and professors in lockstep with the Leftist agenda.

Google stories at colleges and universities where they rejected Obama or his policies, and you will have little to no reading. Google threats against Obama at colleges and universities.

Then do the same for Trump.

We should all feel sorry for the students that have to endure Marc Lamont’s lousy college classes. Remember this is the same guy who called Martin Luther King a “mediocre negro”. Hill also laughingly offered that “Democrats aren’t to blame for problems in democratic run cities.” God help these children.


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