DID TRUMP TAPE COMEY: Former FBI Director James Comey Declines to Testify Before Senate Committee

DID TRUMP TAPE COMEY: Former FBI Director James Comey Declines to Testify Before Senate Committee

With all the talk of the Trump/Russia conspiracy, you would think more Leftist would want to testify to get to the bottom of what supposedly happened.

Yet, daily more idiotic Leftist appear on multiple news outlets running their mouths to try and shove more Russia conspiracy theories down our throat’s.

Did Trump tape ComeyHave you heard any of them criticize Susan Rice for refusing to testify? Do they demand that she face the music, so we can put this issue to bed? One would think they would want to see Trump and his Russian friends serving time!

But when given the opportunity to actually do something about the investigation, testify on whatever evidence they may have, lying Leftists back out.

Their want to get to the truth is little more than hot air. Even the Democrats don’t believe their own rhetoric, and do the American people.

On Friday, former FBI Director James Comey declined an invitation to appear before a panel investigating Russia election meddling and allegations of collusion. Comey was invited by Chairman Richard Burger and top Democrat Mark Warner of Virginia.

This session would have provided Comey a chance to discuss with lawmakers the circumstances of his firing. Warner announced that Comey would not be appearing before this panel in an interview on MSNBC.

Susan Rice Reprise

Susan Rice had the opportunity to set the record straight when she was invited to testify.However, she too declined. 

Rice knows Obama spied on Trump and she authorized the illegal activity. She knows the ramifications of her testimony, which likely would land her in prison. Worse, her testimony would get many other Obama administration goons in trouble, and be the death knell for the Democratic Party.

Here’s an interesting fact to consider.

Did Trump tape ComeyThe only time these Leftist goons have wanted to set the record straight was when Obama protected them. Hillary Clinton testified in the Benghazi hearings, because she had a “get out of jail free card.” He would of without a doubt pardoned them so they would not have gone to jail. Now in order to get Rice, Comey, or anyone one else for that matter, to testify every single one of them more than likely will have to be subpoenaed.

Remember how smug Eric Holder was when testifying on various scandals.

Then he had the nerve to dismiss a subpoena. Holder could only get away with this in Obama’s administration.

But you can bet that if Rice or Comey is subpoenaed, they will show. They have no protectors, now that Trump is president.

Some might say Comey is butt hurt about his firing and that’s why he doesn’t want to testify. That may be part of it. But the real truth lies in what came out in Comey’s last testimony before Congress. Now that the cloak of invincibility is gone, you would expect Congress to go for the jugular.

There is one final bit of speculation. Some say that Comey declined the offer due to Trump’s tweet to him Friday morning writing that the fired FBI director “better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”


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