So, what? Obama drew a red line and Assad crossed it and gave Obama the finger.

For not acting, Obama says he showed courage.

Obama punked out
 in Syria because that’s what a Pansy-in-Chief does. So now he wishes to again change the lexicon. To chicken out is the leftist definition of courageous.

As reported in The Blaze:

definition of courageFormer President Barack Obama claimed in a recent interview that his decision to not bomb Syria in 2013 after the Bashar al-Assad regime used chemical weapons on its own people — despite his promise to do so — “required the most political courage.”

Obama made his comments earlier this month in an interview with Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, while discussing political courage.

“I actually think that the issue that required the most political courage was the decision not to bomb Syria after the chemical weapons use had been publicized and rather to negotiate them removing chemical weapons from Syria,” Obama said.

“Now, we know subsequently that some remained, so it was an imperfect solution. But what we also know is that 99 percent of huge chemical weapons stockpiled were removed without having to fire a shot,” the former president explained.

“The reason it was hard was because, as president, what you discover is that you generally get praised for taking military action, and you’re often criticized for not doing so,” Obama continued.  “And it wasn’t a slam dunk, but I thought that it made sense for a variety of reasons for us to see if we could actually try to eliminate the prospect of large-scale chemical weapons use rather than the political expedience of a one-time shot.”

Doing nothing represents “bold action” in the twisted minds of leftists.

That reminds me of Emanuel Clever who once met with Obama over unemployment in the black community. #KevinJackson wrote of the encounter at the time:

Democrat Congressman Emanuel Cleaver would like Obama to create jobs for black people in his city. Obviously Cleaver is high from breathing the toxic fumes of hope and change. Obama can’t create jobs for white folks, so how on God’s green earth will he create jobs for black folks?! Maybe Cleaver expects stimulus for bail bondsmen, BBQ joints, and hair salons?

Though unemployment in the state of Missouri is at 9.9%, it’s not that way in one of Missouri’s most populace city. Unemployment for blacks in Kansas City, part of the district represented by Cleaver is estimated to be around double the national average, or roughly 20%.  In fact there is hardly a major metropolitan area in the US where black unemployment does not exceed the national average by double.

The common denominator for all these cities?  You guessed it…run by Democrats!

Lucky for Pastor Cleaver he is in a congressional district that all but guarantees he will get re-elected. This and other districts like it all over America were gerrymandered when Democrats were in office in order to implement The Negro Project[1]—the project that put prominent pastors in charge of black folks, with the intent of limiting the economic rise of the black population.  Added benefit: Limiting the black population too!

No matter what, Cleaver is likely safe in his district. Black Democrats love incompetent black Democrat leaders.  It is Republicans that black Democrats actually hold to any standards of accomplishment.  If Cleaver had to base his job on actually helping black people, there is little doubt that he would have the desk closest to the door.

Cleaver returned to Kansas City after his meeting with Obama, as if he were a conquering hero.  Upon his arrival, he imparted these words of wisdom about Obama’s job creation strategy:

He [Obama] obviously couldn’t guarantee that it would happen, he only guaranteed that he would try to make it happen.

See. All the Left wants is the old Harvard try!

definition of courageIt’s one thing to make careful decisions. But, Obama spouted off at the mouth and challenged Assad. Obama felt Syrians were in danger, so he flexed.

Assad accepted the challenge, and Obama ran like a rich white woman in Compton. Then Assad gassed his people.

Recall, it was the Russians who got Assad to play ball and supposedly give up his chemical weapons.

Obama declared victory. Then, Assad gassed his people. In stepped a real man and a real Commander in Chief who enforced the red line, that the pansy president didn’t.

But Syria isn’t the only time the Left tried to paint a grandiose picture when Obama performed President 101.

Remember the Left lauded Obama for killing Osama bin Laden.

OK, he didn’t actually kill the most wanted terrorist in American history, the Navy SEALS did. However, to read the stories, you might believe Obama was present in combat gear and actually pulled the trigger.
He certainly basked in the glow of that routine decision.
What’s disturbing, however, is the notion that the Left declared a sanction by Obama against America’s #1 enemy as a BIG DEAL. A 5-year old would have issued this kill order.
Now with Syria, Obama attempts to rewrite history. He would like the world to believe that he, not Trump, made the right decision. Sadly, even when Obama has the vision of hindsight he blows it.

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