LEFTIST TECHNICALITY Forces America to Harbor World’s Worst Criminals

LEFTIST TECHNICALITY Forces America to Harbor World’s Worst Criminals

Obama spent eight years pandering to criminal illegals who victimize American citizens.

Instead, America needed to hold foreign governments accountable for crimes their undesirables commit against our people.

ICE agents under Obama released nearly 600 illegals, all convicted sex offenders back onto U.S. streets, many because their home countries refused to take them back.

President Trump was right. Foreign nations send us their criminals. And then liberal policies allow those criminal illegals to repeatedly victimize American citizens.

Foreign governments literally expect America to harbor the world’s criminals.

What a smart move by poor countries to get an idiot like Barack Obama to take their criminals.

Why should they waste their resources on criminals, when a moron like Obama would so readily take them.

And did leftists in America oblige in spades.

Not only do Americans pay financially, but we also pay with our safety, property, health, and lives.

In 2001, the Supreme Court tied ICE’s hands by ruling they cannot indefinitely jail criminal illegals ordered deported if their countries refuse to repatriate them. Thus, in effect, our own courts commanded America to harbor the world’s criminals as well.

That’s why ICE was forced to release 564 of the world’s criminal illegal sex offenders after a judge ordered their deportation. The clock ran out. Of these 564, the countries of origin for 151 refused to accept them back.

Adding insult to injury, ICE officials don’t track released illegals who are sex offenders. Nor are these miscreants added to any sex offender registration database. In short, this subset of illegals, among the most heinous simply disappear after release.

“Former immigration Judge Mark Metcalf found that more than half of non-detained aliens skip out on their hearings.”

Trump should refuse funding nations that use America as a dumping ground for their violent criminals.

Two Texas Republicans are fed up and working to do just that.

harbor world's worst criminalsIn July, Senator John Cornyn filed “Casey’s Law,” named for a woman murdered by a Haitian criminal illegal who was not deported after his prison release.

The Remedies for Refusal of Repatriation Act calls for consequences against countries that refuse to repatriate their criminals.

The goal, according to Cornyn is to “keep our country safe from dangerous individuals who shouldn’t be here.”

Likewise, Rep. Ted Poe filed legislation in 2015 to restrict diplomatic visas to countries that deny or excessively delay repatriation of criminal citizens ordered removed.

“We give convicted foreign criminals a get-out-of-jail-free card to live in the U.S. because we cannot permanently detain them and their countries of origin refuse to take them back. … It is time that we offer a proper incentive to these uncooperative nations who freely take our money, and turn around and disrespect our laws. We should not be issuing diplomatic VISAs to nations that refuse to cooperate with our government. Keeping their criminals here is endangering our citizens.”

At present, almost one million criminal illegals remain free on U.S. streets, despite being ordered to leave.

If liberals continue to have their way, Ann Coulter’s right: Democrats will turn America into a third world hellhole.

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