DEVASTATING SENTENCE for Illegal Who Bragged About Voting 5 Times for Hillary

DEVASTATING SENTENCE for Illegal Who Bragged About Voting 5 Times for Hillary

It’s refreshing to see justice served.

And that’s just what this arrogant trespasser got.

illegal who braggedMexican-national Rosa Ortega has lived illegally in the United States for quite some time. We learned from her own testimony that she has been voting illegally for at least 10 years.

Her blatant disregard for our border canceled the vote of a taxpaying American citizen for at least ten years.

But then we learn this.

As Democrats all over the country cry, “There is no voter fraud,” we learn of multiple instances of voter fraud. For the record, when Democrats cry that something doesn’t exist, you know they are providing cover for their crooked deeds.

Voter fraud exists. And if it negates just ONE vote, then it’s one vote too many.

Rosa Ortega not only voted once, but she voted multiple times.

Ortega registered to vote in 5 different cities in Texas. Ortega knew that she wasn’t a citizen of the United States. Yet, she checked YES each time when voting.

You can bet the Democrats who encouraged her to violate the law aren’t happy that she was caught. These Leftists smirk at Conservatives and happily slap the Constitution in the face, as they knowingly allow people like Ortega to violate our laws.

Nevertheless, Ortega was caught. But she was not regretful for her crimes. Instead, she feigned ignorance; ironically, not much of an act.

Check out her excuse for committing multiple crimes.

Ortega proclaims, “It’s not fair…they made an example of me.”

You’re damn skippy we did. Let that be a lesson to her and her compadres that the United States will enforce our laws.

According to FOX News:

…her attorney believes she’s being used as a political cannon fodder.

Rosa Ortega never imagined voting would put her in prison.

“It’s really sad. It’s just too much,” Ortega said.

Ortega, a single mother of four children faces eight years in prison after a Texas jury convicted her of voting illegally.  Ortega is not a United States citizen. She was born in Mexico, but she is a permanent US resident.

“I never knew the difference from resident and US citizen. Never,” Ortega said.

Ortega insists she made an honest mistake. She was brought to the United States as a child, dropped out of school after sixth grade when her mother was deported, and says she never understood the difference when it comes to the rights given to a permanent resident and a citizen.


Consider that some Mexican national skulked into America with her child and began taking from our country.

When found out and deported, she leaves her child in the U.S. instead of taking her home?

Ortega represents the millions of illegals, mostly Mexican, who scoff at our laws. The Left claim these people live “under the radar”. Further, they claim these people are afraid to come out of the shadows.

This case with Ortega proves otherwise. These people have no problem coming out of the shadow. Visit any hospital or government office, and you will find plenty of them. Go to the places where people look for day laborers and you will find plenty who come out of the shadows.

Illegals in America are like spiders; one is almost always less than six feet from you. Contrary to the tales from the Leftists, these people have little fear of our laws, until now.

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