Elderly White Woman Slammed to Ground and Thrown in Pool [VIDEO]

Elderly White Woman Slammed to Ground and Thrown in Pool [VIDEO]

How disgusting this country has become.

The lawlessness and callousness of these leftists are matched only by the treachery of their leaders.

As you watch the video below, you will find that it proves what many Americans know: the real racism in America is with black leftists.

Leftists condone this type of behavior, and they rationalize the participants.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

A video emerged on Sunday showing a group of young people verbally and physically assaulting an elderly woman.

The woman was walking her two small dogs through what appears to be a pool party. It’s unclear what she said as she walked through the party, but chants of “Throw her in!” can be heard from the crowd.

A man then approached and picked the woman up before slipping and slamming her body to the ground. He then dragged the woman through the air while trampling her dogs and threw her into the pool.

Note that a girl eggs on some of the men to throw the woman in the pool.

Finally, a young thug decides to take the stupid chick up on her dare. As he lifts the old woman, he slips and falls. Who knows what happened to her?

However, she didn’t get a chance to consider her injuries. He quickly gets up and drags her to the water. He, the old woman and her dogs are all dumped into the pool.

After the “festivities,” all the hooligans decide to run for their lives.

Who raised these kids to do something so vile? The obvious question is, “Do you think they would have done this to an old black woman?”

There was a time I might have answered, “No way!” But these days, I honestly can’t say.

I do believe this was racially motivated. However, exiting the Era of Obama, who knows. These miscreants may have attacked anybody who walked through.

Such is life in the Era of Obama.


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