EPIC VIDEO: Police Sniper DROPS Thug Holding Elderly Woman Hostage

EPIC VIDEO: Police Sniper DROPS Thug Holding Elderly Woman Hostage

Leftists have made America exponentially more dangerous than it should be.

Danger lurks everywhere. And in some places you know you must remain vigilant. A leisurely run for cigarettes and a bag of chips can get you killed.

That’s what this woman found out while shopping at a convenience store in Denver, Colorado. A hooded man accosts her at the store, and holds her hostage.

Police arrived on the scene, which caused the criminal to panic.

Feeling trapped, the criminal attempted to leave the premises with the woman in tow. She feared for her life, as the man pressed his weapon against her back.

The difference between life and death for this woman was a few pounds of pressure on a small metal trigger. The maniac shouts threats to the police, saying that he will shoot, if they don’t back off.

Sensing there may be no ability to reason with the man, the police decide to end the standoff.

Now, it was the kidnapper’s life in the balance, and at the mercy of one well-timed trigger squeeze.

The sniper had already been deployed, as they always are in situations like this. He waits on the order from higher ups, that he’s clear to engage. The order is given.

All that dictates the next move is a clear shot. There it is. A 7.62mm round drops the man with deadly precision. A tweak of micrometers in any direction and things could have ended differently. That wasn’t the case this time, as the man was dispatched, and left in critical condition.

The woman is obviously shaken. First, she was a hostage. Then, she has a front-row seat to a man who was critically shot. Imagine the emotional swing in a situation like that.

One thing is for sure. That’s one woman who appreciates well-trained law enforcement officers.




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