Exploiting Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell ATTACKS Barron Trump AGAIN!

Exploiting Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell ATTACKS Barron Trump AGAIN!

Seems another Hollywood has-been is desperate for attention and relevance.

So much so that she’s using an 11-year-old to attack our president.

This is by far the most obnoxious cheap shot a liberal has ever taken at a sitting president. And the reason is that this bat-crap crazy witch used his kid to do it, again.

O'Donnell ATTACKS Barron TrumpRecall that last December, O’Donnell shared a video on social media, claiming Barron had autism. She then used additional posts to attack Donald Trump as a liar through his son.

She had no shame. At least not until the backlash started.

That forced the rage-oholic has-been to apologize to first lady Melania Trump for cyber-bullying her son.

“I apologize to @MELANIATRUMP — i was insensitive in my RT — i am sorry for the pain i caused — it was not my intent — i am truly sorry.”

As we reported previously, this lamebrain liberal’s attacks on our president and his family demonstrated a long-term obsession with Trump that seems to keep escalating.

And like most crazy stalker types, she’s not likely to let it go without bloodshed.

The Kathy Griffin ISIS-style beheading stunt of Trump triggered O’Donnell’s Trump obsession.

It all started when Liz Wheeler tweeted:

“TMZ reports: Barron Trump was watching TV & saw Kathy Griffin holding the severed head. He thought it was his dad. My heart is broken.”

O'Donnell ATTACKS Barron TrumpThat’s all the ammunition this mentally unstable libtard needed.

Once again, the former Hollyweirdo sought political relevance by attacking a child.

But, this new attack was more heinous than before because Barron was hyper-distraught over the bloodied image of his father’s severed head.

However, that didn’t matter to this too-fat-for-Hollywood ex-celebrity.

O’Donnell tweeted her merciless and vicious response:

“@Liz_Wheeler @DonaldJTrumpJr @kathygriffin -was he watching TMZ? do u think he saw anything about these 2 heroic men who died defending young girls? hatred promoted by his father?”

What a classless hag.

Attributing Crimes by Other Lunatics to Trump

Attached to the tweet were pictures of the two victims from the horrific Portland, Oregon train stabbing.

O'Donnell ATTACKS Barron TrumpThe president himself condemned these murders. But that fact had no bearing on O’Donnell’s actions.

Let’s be realistic. One story has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Two murders in Oregon, whether politically motivated or not, have nothing to do with Griffin’s wholly disgusting ISIS-style faux beheading of President Trump. Or Barron’s reaction to it.

Neither is Trump responsible for the actions of a lunatic in Portland.

Yet, because this psychotic, mentally obsessed stalker thinks Trump is responsible, that gives her license to go after his emotionally vulnerable son?!?!

No. It doesn’t.

The president’s kids are OFF LIMITS! This tradition has been respected by both sides of the political aisle for generations. It’s way past time for Hollyweirdos to respect it as well.

However, like a really bad version of Ground Hog Day, Rosie once again became an opportunistic bully who doesn’t care who she hurts.

When will this lunatic’s sick obsession with the Trump family end?

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