LEFTISTS LIVID: Famous Feminist Explains Why Hillary Lost

LEFTISTS LIVID: Famous Feminist Explains Why Hillary Lost

Are the feminists eating their own? It certainly seems that way.

Despite all of Hillary Clinton’s “the butler did it” excuses for her loss to Trump, this famous feminist calls her out. She explains the real reason Hillary lost.

The explanation is simple: Hillary is the reason that Hillary lost the 2016 election. Almost everyone except Hillary seems to know this. Including, Hillary’s fellow feminists.

In a scathing condemnation of the twice-failed presidential candidate, Camille Paglia destroyed Hillary on two fronts: competence and feminism.

Talk about emptying both barrels of the shotgun on the front porch, Joe Biden!

Faux Feminist HillaryFirst, it must be noted that Paglia is a self-described “lifelong Democrat” and card-carrying feminist. She has also taught at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA since 1984.

Second, despite being a Democrat and a feminist, Paglia has been a long-time critic of Mrs. Clinton. Let the bloodletting begin.

In a recent interview with Free Beacon, Paglia revealed just how little she esteems Crooked Hillary.

Calling Clinton out as someone who regularly “exploits feminism,” Paglia noted that misogyny did not play any part in Clinton’s loss to then candidate Donald Trump.

Recall that’s what Hillary claimed:

“Certainly misogyny played a role. That just has to be admitted.”

However, when asked if this was really the case, Paglia declared the opposite was true.

“Misogyny played no significant role whatever in Hillary Clinton’s two defeats as a presidential candidate. This claim is such a crock!”

But Paglia was just getting started.

Next, she attacked Clinton as a faux feminist. Paglia declared that Clinton’s more recent presidential bid became a “gross exploitation of feminism.”

After all, exploitation of feminism was the only weapon in Hillary’s arsenal. As Paglia noted, it wasn’t know-how that garnered Hillary high-powered roles in politics, but know-who.

Hillary experienced success only because she was “attached to her husband’s coattails,” to quote the professor.

“Hillary was handed job after job but produced no tangible results in any of them – except of course for her destabilization of North Africa during her rocky tenure as secretary of state.”

What a damning commentary to Hillary’s claim that she champions women’s rights. It seems true feminists don’t like the frauds.

Amazingly, Paglia had much more to say about Hillary’s “accomplishments.”

why Hillary lostTaking a swing at Clinton’s achievements on behalf of women and children, Paglia continued to hold the DC Establishment Democrats accountable:

“And for all her lip service to women and children, what program serving their needs did Hillary ever conceive and promote? She routinely signed on to other people’s programs or legislative bills but spent the bulk of her time in fundraising and networking for her own personal ambitions.”

Paglia’s frontal assaults on Clinton shifted back and forth between competence and faux-feminism.

To the latter, Paglia attacked Clinton’s choice to turn a blind eye to her husband’s infidelity. For Paglia, that act demonstrated a lack of “authentic feminism.”

“The hypocrisy of feminist leaders was on full display during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which incontrovertibly demonstrated Bill Clinton’s gross violation of basic sexual harassment policy. Although I had voted for him twice, I was the only feminist at the time who publicly condemned Clinton for his squalid and unethical behavior with an intern whose life (it is now clear) he ruined. Gloria Steinem’s slick casuistry during that shocking episode did severe damage to feminism, from which it has never fully recovered.”

Thus, Paglia dined heartily on the carcass of Crooked Hillary.

And I enjoyed reading all about this epic feast.

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