The Federal Budget: How to GET A FREE CAR FOREVER

The Federal Budget: How to GET A FREE CAR FOREVER

The Fed expects its money regardless of how the economy is doing or how taxpaying Americans are doing.

Even in times of strife, the government rewards itself with money.

It’s practically automatic.

Congress has automatic cost of living adjustments, up. No matter how bad the economic outlook is, Congress and the Fed win. They vote occasionally to take their raises away, in order to make themselves look magnanimous.

So when the government gets $100 one year, they expect more the next year.

In the real world, you get a budget, and that budget gets evaluated. Most companies look for ways to cut the budget, unless their expenditure produces. Then and only then do they allocate more funds.

The government loses professionally. It never wins, yet it always increases budgets. Try to take money away, and the Fed screams like a kid with colic.

Back to the $100.

As Mulvaney said in his video, if the government allocates $100 one year, and the Congressional Budget Office decides arbitrarily that $106 is needed, then the new number is $106.

Nobody even questions the CBO, an organization of DC bureaucrats.

Thus, anything under $106 is a cut. If they get EXACTLY what’s requested, i.e., the $106, the budget is considered “frozen.” Leftists only accept anything above $106 an increase in the budget.

Nobody on the planet budgets this way. And in case you’re wondering if the supposedly non-partisan CBO has even budgeted less, then you are just playing the class clown.

I equate this thinking to a person who buys a car. And every year he returns the car to the dealership to get a new car, no charge. The government doesn’t see any depreciation in the other car, nor do they care what condition the old car is in. Whether they bring it in with only 5,000 miles and kept it in a garage, or they wrecked it, put on 72,000 miles, and kept it in the elements, the car has identical value.

After all, it’s not their money they play with, it’s ours.

This type of thinking has persisted for decades.

And the same morons who got us in $9+ trillion of debt allowed Obama to run up roughly double. But to leftists, they return the beat up car without even filling up the tank.

President Trump recognizes the ruse of government. He now fights against it.

President Trump’s new plan is called “A New Foundation for American Greatness.”

The focus of the budget is on defense spending. Outside of that, there are no sacred cows.

The budget cuts 31.4 percent from the Environmental Protection Agency, 29.1 percent from the State Department, 20.5 percent from the Department of Agriculture and 10.7 percent from the National Science Foundation.

These are all easy cuts, as each of these departments are as inflated as Barack Obama’s ego.

Leftists lament that the cuts won’t allow the government to function. And that’s true. The government will actually have to function like regular businesses and every day human beings.

The waste, fraud, and abuse in government is mind-boggling.

And we are talking about what has to be uncovered. The bigger waste, fraud, and abuse are what happens openly.

Last year a trio of researchers at the taxpayer-funded University of Northern Colorado received a $402,249 grant from the National Institutes of Health for a plan to use text messages to ask 150 dazed and confused college students how heavy marijuana use affects their academic performance and academic motivation — over a three-year period. You think it took that long for those potheads to drop out?

In 2014, the National Institutes of Health provided $433,577 to a group of researchers whose goal was to determine if kids who watch top-grossing G-rated and PG-rated movies are confused. They needed to know how the kids reacted to non-fat characters making fun of fat characters. Simultaneously, the films promoted soda consumption and sedentary behaviors.

This is only two examples showing how governments time and money is being wasted. Leftists would have you think that taking away these research programs is inhumane. Truth is it offers no value to you the American taxpayer and it requires the programs to now be held accountable for what they are spending.

American taxpayers should not be on the hook for such nonsense. And it’s time every department in the government take one for the gipper.


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