If Boy Scouts is for Girls Then Let’s Dump Women’s Sports

If Boy Scouts is for Girls Then Let’s Dump Women’s Sports

Feminists want to be on equal footing with men, then join the men!

Recently, 16-year-old Sydney Ireland petitioned Boy Scouts of America to allow girls like her to become official troop members. After tagging along with her big brother throughout half her life, she has her eyes set on “Eagle Scout.”

boy scouts #KevinJacksonSydney wasn’t the first girl longing for a merit badge, either.

Last year, 5 girls in California petitioned to join the Boy Scouts. However, the Boy Scouts stood firm in that these girls lacked the one criteria for joining – they weren’t boys.

Let’s not forget that Girl Scouts exist.

In fact, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both offer scouting, merit badges, and promote community service, advanced learning, and many other remarkedly similar aspects. But there is a wrinkle.

Last week the Boy Scouts announced they will admit gay and transgender boys in their program. That’s certainly one way to get in.

In fact, last year Breitbart reported:

An eight-year-old girl in Secaucus, N.J., says Boy Scout officials should treat her as a transgender boy, and let her join a boys’ Cub Scout pack.

The child, who is a biological girl but has been living as a “transgender boy” for more than a year, was asked to leave the pack following reported protests from parents.

Kristie Maldonado said her child, Joe, had been a member of Cub Scout Pack 87 for about a month, when a Boy Scout official notified her that the girl could not remain in the boys’ Cub Scout group. “Not one of the kids said, ‘You don’t belong here,’” the mother said of the boys in the pack, according to NorthJersey.com.

“I’m a girl. I just don’t want to be a girl,” the girl told NorthJersey.com. “My identity is a boy.”

But the Left can’t have it both ways.

If they are going to admit girls who don’t want to be girls, then they have to admit girls, period. As the Beatles would say, “Let it Be!”

No, I haven’t turned to leftism in my time of confusion. I just think it’s time they OWN this nonsense. Let’s forget gender altogether.

So, let’s forget gender altogether. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of feminism; to make men women?

Let’s remove all sports classifications, and drop Title IX, the government regulation that saved girl sports. And when that happens, substandard boys should be able to play “girls” sports. To be fair, ANY woman is free to make a man’s sports teams.

Further, no more gender nonsense in hiring, firing, and so on.

And while we are at it, let’s dump Planned Parenthood, as they often use the phrase, “Women’s healthcare rights.” If we are to do away with gender, then let’s go all the way.

No more sororities, or Women’s Marches, and so on. Women must enter the gender-free jungle.

And what of that “gender pay gap?”

When we go genderless, that little issue goes away. Bye-bye Lilly Ledbetter.

In the new world, women will have to rely on their abilities to negotiate their pay and not expect Big Brother to right the wrongs of the male-dominated, testosterone-riddled society.

Truthfully, feminists can’t last a day in a man’s world. They claim to be tough, then are the first to run for the life rafts.

Isn’t it time the Left recognizes there are two genders, and for good reason?


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