Hillary Clinton Channels John Lennon: Wears Anti-Seizure Glasses at Parade [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Channels John Lennon: Wears Anti-Seizure Glasses at Parade [VIDEO]

As a reminder of her failed campaign, Hillary Clinton coughed her way through the Wellesley commencement.

To emerge from her rock and become political again, Hillary Clinton begs for trouble.

Why this shrew can’t enjoy being a rich grandmother is a mystery to me. By becoming public again, Hillary Clinton risks jail.

The new Special Counsel won’t be arresting President Trump. But his investigation will undoubtedly point back at Clinton, Podesta, and even Barack Obama.

I can only imagine the pull power has over Hillary Clinton. She’s missed the brass ring twice, and like a punch-drunk boxer has no idea when to hang up the gloves.

One would think that after the battering she took from Donald Trump, she would quit. Her mind certainly did, as Clinton displayed a fog during the campaign that had some people thinking she had dementia. But her body took a worse toll.

Who could forget Hillary Clinton almost falling on her fat head, with two very strong secret service men keeping her upright?

And we know she wore a colostomy bag. The woman couldn’t even control her bladder. Here’s what we reported at the time.

See Hillary Clinton fainting for yourself.

Tell me this is “allergies!”

Why this isn’t ALL OVER THE MEDIA should tell you all you need to know.

Notice how Clinton starts to wobble while standing there? The Secret Service stood at the ready.

Finally, Clinton buckles. Clinton cursed the Secret Service in the past. But lucky for her, the Secret Service kept her from falling flat on her face.

Clinton is whisked off, supposedly to the hospital.

Now the spin begins. Did Clinton go to the hospital or to see her ailing cat?

Hillary Clinton coughsAnd what of the picture of Hillary Clinton surrounded by doctors while walking in a New York parade.

The woman looked like death eating a cracker.

In a bit of deja vu, you’ve seen the Clintons surrounded by security personnel, as they walk in the Memorial Day parade on Monday morning. The parade was in their hometown of Chappaqua, New York.

For 12 years running the Clintons received top billing in the parade. In this one, they marched alongside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, waving to the crowd.

Interestingly, in spite of the cloudy, overcast day, Hillary wore her John Lennon sunglasses, aka “trip glasses”.


These appear to be the same “anti-seizure” Zeiss Zi sunglasses she wore the day she fainted during the 9/11 memorial ceremony in September right before her butt-kicking.

Maybe the sun shows her Trump-induced black eyes, and even makeup can’t cover them up?

That explanation certainly beats the alternative. Remember, Huma was asked to plan Hillary’s funeral. You can bet she did it.


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