OH HILLARY! Black Feminist Festival in Paris EXCLUDES White Women

OH HILLARY! Black Feminist Festival in Paris EXCLUDES White Women

The women’s movement may be gaining popularity around the world, but white women need not apply.

White women may have fought for suffrage for all, but black women of today didn’t get the memo.

Black Feminist FestivalLeftists’ chickens have come home to roost. These sanctimonious terrorists created monsters of varying ilks. Thus, the browning of the world has become acceptable.

White people don’t clamor to “brown” or “black” countries unless they are retiring or, on rare occasion, absconding from the law.

And when non-leftist white people move to brown or black countries, they generally improve those societies.

Truthfully, when it comes to the browning of historically white countries like France, Britain, or anywhere in Scandinavia, the browns and blacks add little. But they do add a few big things, like welfare and crime.

Look at the Muslim infestation around the world.

Rape culture now permeates all countries who accept Middle Eastern and North African refugees.

And the white women of those cultures are told by liberals in power to “Suck it up, Buttercup!” White victims of rape receive cultural lessons on how to cope with their rape. Those who haven’t been raped are taught how to accept the inevitable.

Apparently, until the same starts happening to non-white women, the whites will simply have to chalk their sexual assaults up to multiculturalism. Take one (or ten!) for the “team.”

White women should know that black women will not come to their aid. Just ask Hillary Clinton!

In France, a Black feminist group demands a public apology from the mayor of Paris.

The mayor rightfully denounced the group’s planned July festival for women of color only.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo condemned the Afroféministe Européen Festival because, she tweeted, “[it’s] forbidden to whites.”

Just spit-balling here, but isn’t white a color, too?

She also added that event organizers are not immune from prosecution for discrimination if she decides to proceed on that front.

In response, The Mwasi Collective declared that the festival aims at “organizing and building black feminist strategies to end racial, patriarchal, colonial, and capitalist violence.”

And yet the event organizer inhabits the colonialized country she now thinks she owns?

Mwasi plans “workshops, presentations, and performances.”

Black Feminist FestivalOrganizers reserved areas for black women only. Ironically, that’s exactly the kind of exclusion minorities condemn when whites do it.

Personally, I would have suggested that white women set up a similar event right next to the black event, and exclude blacks. But I digress.

Next, they designated another area for every gender of black people under the sun. So, the number and type of sex organs you do or do not acknowledge doesn’t matter. You simply must be black to visit this intolerant safe space.

There will be one other area of ‘neutral’ ground that’s “open to everyone.”

Sounds suspiciously like the back of the bus to this white woman.

The group tweeted on Monday that it “both expects an apology from Hidalgo and that the festival can neither be forbidden nor canceled.”

Interestingly, people without authority dictate to their elected leaders which forms of discrimination the rest of humanity must tolerate.

Further, these black feminists inform the public which laws they find relevant.

Such activists demand that white on black racism must be stopped at all costs. Ironically, for the most part, racism is over.

And that is why leftists in all countries stir the pot.

“La Generale, another group working with Mwasi, says their efforts are the target of a “misinformation campaign,” pointing to a record of more than a decade of defending constructive debate as well as against exclusion.”

In case you missed it, the group fights against exclusion.

One further irony is that blacks segregate to showcase how “inclusive” they are. Yeah, right.

It’s no wonder that in addition to the mayor, several rights groups, as well as anti-Semitic organizations criticized this Black Feminist Festival as “divisive.”

Mwasi supporters used social media to describe the festival as “an important space for people of color to organize and address inequality in France.”

And by that, they are NOT referring to the inequality and exclusion that their own festival perpetuates.


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