INSULT TO AMERICA: Ground Zero Mosque Developer’s Latest SNEAKY DEAL

INSULT TO AMERICA: Ground Zero Mosque Developer’s SNEAKY DEAL

Remember the Muslim real estate developer who proposed building a 16-Story “Victory Mosque” near Ground Zero in Manhattan where the World Trade Center once stood?

Americans everywhere raised hell to stop the project. From families of the 9/11 victims of radical Islamic terrorists to politicians, and ordinary citizens, the idea was unpopular for a reason.

Ground Zero MosqueYou don’t allow your enemy to commemorate the worst terrorist attack in American history by building a monument to those who carried it out. To do so would be a blatant anti-American slap in the face.

Yet, that’s what Muslims do when they win a war. They remove all traces of their enemy’s history and build a mosque as a permanent sign of their victory.

American patriots cried out, “Not on my watch. And not in my country.”

But, that developer is back with a plan B that might be more damaging than his first brainstorm.

This time, Sharif El-Gamal will build a 43-story condo tower for the uber rich two blocks from Ground Zero. The complex will include a three-story “Islamic museum and sanctuary.”

So adding insult to injury, in addition to the previously proposed “worship and community center”, El-Gamal now wants to profit on the death of thousands.

Note to Patriots: A Mosque is not a church, but a jihadist ‘sanctuary’

The New York Times reported:

Ground Zero Mosque“The sales gallery for 45 Park Place, a 43-story condominium that will soon rise three blocks from the World Trade Center, is not unlike the galleries for other luxury condos in New York. Oversize photographs showcase the spectacular views that come with living in a 665-foot tower. The mock kitchen and bathroom offer a glimpse of the refined finishes one would expect in a building with a $41 million duplex penthouse.”

“But unlike other New York City condos, this one is something of a consolation prize for the developer, and one that is opening in a cooling luxury market. The tower replaces the developer’s 2010 plan to build a 15-story Islamic mosque and cultural center on this site, an idea that erupted into a national controversy and cable news network bonanza.”

The buildings will occupy 45-51 Park Place. When United Flight 175 struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center, its landing gear crashed into the Burlington Coat Factory at 51 Park Place. Furthermore, human remains were found in the building. It is, therefore, part of Ground Zero.

Although the center will be smaller than El-Gamal’s original proposal, it’s still a declaration of victory. Further, the building is being built on the rubble that became the graves of 3,000 Americans.

Pro-American activist Pamela Geller called it the “Second Wave of the 9/11 attacks.” And she’s right. This is an insult to the memory of American workers and first responders who died in the attack on the Twin Towers.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

We don’t allow a Japanese museum of war victories at Pearl Harbor. Nor does Poland allow a statue of Hitler at the Auschwitz or Birkenau death camps. So, how can we allow a mosque or “Islamic museum” at Ground Zero?

Geller also noted that:

An Islamic museum “is just as much of an insult,” Pamela Geller, a blogger and one of the center’s most vocal opponents, wrote in an email. “It will be like having a museum touting the glories of the Japanese Empire at Pearl Harbor.”

The very idea of a celebratory mosque anywhere near Ground Zero disgusts me. Such a building dishonors, insults and shames the memory of the thousands of Americans murdered on 9/11.

We should boycott this disgusting attempt to desecrate and Islamize the burial site of Ground Zero.  We must never forget what happened to America on 9/11.


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