Obamacare Hits Gaza Muslims and Things Go Very Bad

Obamacare Hits Gaza Muslims and Things Go Very Bad

In what was destined for America, an Arab hospital now refuses patients.

You can bet the Left doesn’t want you to know that things can get so bad that hospitals turn people away.

However, you don’t usually have to look too hard to find a Democrat willing to praise a broken Third World medical system. I wrote of Obama a while back:

America’s Moron in Chief explains to Argentinian students his experience in Cuba. He congratulates Cuba for educating all its students, something America does better than Cuba, at least for now. Then he congratulates them on their healthcare, saying the average Cuban lives as long as the average American.

But he then says that driving around Cuba it looked like they were in the 1950s. That’s because Cuba IS STUCK IN THE 1950s!

That’s what communism produces. Lots of supposedly educated people who can visit their Third World doctors, when they aren’t scavenging for food.

Arab hospitals may take a similar approach?

For example, if you get the flu, they cut off your head. Soon after that, nobody will report having the flu.

Or perhaps you just do what one Arab hospital in Jerusalem did recently: stop accepting patients.


Because the government there would rather fund terrorism against its enemies than healthcare for its citizens.

The Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem is one of the major hospitals for Palestinian Arabs in the region. The hospital just announced that it can no longer accept patients because the Palestinian Authority won’t provide promised funds in order to keep it open.

In a statement last week, the hospital reported that it had exhausted its stores of medicines needed to perform even basic medical care.

Sound familiar?

Healthcare providers left and right are dropping out of the Obamacare exchanges in state after state because it’s simply not good business. Aetna is the latest example.

The Arab hospital is in urgent need of 23 million shekels (or $6.4 million) in order to purchase medicines and “vital treatments” especially for cancer and kidney disease patients.

Somewhere between 700 and 800 patients daily are daily being turned away from Augusta Victoria. All because the Palestinian Authority refuses to pay their debt owed to that hospital of $41 million. Further, the debt rises by $4 million every month.

Because their payments of $10 million per month to terrorists in prison take priority, the PA won’t fund medical care. In addition, the PA pays nearly $15 million a month to terrorist families.

Ergo, that part of the PA budget is sacrosanct and non-negotiable, sort of like leftists in America funding racism and other leftist nonsense.

So Gaza citizens will literally die from curable diseases because the PA has to make their terrorist payroll in order to keep recruitment up.

Generally speaking, more Gazans visit Augusta Victoria hospital than any other hospital in the region. The hospital admitted 568 Gazans in February, according to World Health Organization figures.

If only radical Muslim extremists learned to value life rather than death?

As it stands now, the PA is also considering discontinuing that part of their budget which supplies medicines and equipment for Gazans altogether. Just who exactly do they expect to pick up the slack?

The taxpayers of the United States, perhaps?

The funding priorities for Palestinian Arabs are so wholly out of whack, no wonder decent people consider them insane. This is another sick example of the life-stealing nature of this false religion.

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