Ivanka Trump Attacked by Celebrity Pervert

Ivanka Trump Attacked by Celebrity Pervert

Hollywood forgot George Lopez. He’s no longer the “in-crowd”. Therefore, he needed something to get back in their good graces. The best way to do that is to attack a Trump.

george lopez attacked Ivanka #KevinJacksonIt’s sad to see how low celebrities will sink to keep their name circulating. Being a class-act just doesn’t garner much attention these days. After years of second-rate comedy, Lopez knows people only pay attention when you hit below the belt.

George Lopez, the non-Mexican Mexican (turns out he’s more European) made a living on being the prototypical Mexican. His style was self-deprecating, as he made fun of Mexican culture.

Eventually, his schtick played out, and he lost show after show. Now, he’s lucky to appear on the occasional pro-am golf tour. Lopez appears there as the token Mexican, and he plays the part to the hilt.

I’m not surprised to see Lopez attempt to worm his way back into the spotlight with the “joke du jour”. And the sure-fire way to publicity is to attack Trump. But, it’s one thing to go after The Donald; he’s used to it. But to attack Ivanka.

For Leftists, the rule of leaving the children alone doesn’t apply. So, Lopez took the very weak-ass Mexican pansy way out, and attacked with all the decorum of a sexual deviant. I did mention he’s a Hollyweirdo, right?.

One could not imagine Lopez or any other Leftist daring to denigrate the Obama daughters. But there it was on  The Shade Room Instagram page.  They captured Lopez’ crass attempt at humor. Any wonder why he no longer has a show?

Lopez posted a photo of two dogs mating. He then intimated that Ivanka was being pimped out. I hasten to remind our readers what I say about Leftists: they tell you what they are all about.


The article continues:

“She’s ready,” Lopez replied.

One fan wrote back, “Ok then let’s get her maybe she should spend some time in Mexico.”

Now there’s a shout out that validates what then candidate-Trump said about “rapists” from Mexico. Way to go, Esse!

I find it fun to watch the desperation engulfing Hollyweird. All the D-listers looking to revive their corpses formerly known as careers.

Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Seth McFarland, and most recently Stephen Colbert can all thank Trump for giving them a reprieve to their shaky ratings and prolonging the obvious. Cancellation of their shows.

Lopez may be vying for one of those jobs. Because if his career trajectory continues, he may need one of those jobs the Americans no longer want.


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