Kaepernick Falling on Hard Times After NFL Freeze Out

Kaepernick Falling on Hard Times After NFL Freeze Out

The constitution gave Kaepernick the right to spit in the face of America. That doesn’t mean America wouldn’t issue a payback.

As we predicted months ago, Colin Kaepernick has entered the era of career extinction. He should have been signed immediately when free agency opened. But he wasn’t.

Five years ago Kaepernick was speculated to go down as “one of the greats.” Thus, most would have bet his free agency this year would garnered much interest, and a juicy contract. Instead, however, he will be remembered for a great lesson the NFL can teach: “Love your country!”

Without a contract or any endorsement deals, Kaepernick is desperate to keep his name trending. File this under, “Who gives a crap!”

According to NBC News:

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has yet to find another NFL job, but he’s donating some of his old suits in order to help others find work.

Video and pictures from social media show Kaepernick standing outside a New York City parole office with two boxes of custom-made suits.

An Instagram post by Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights Camp” campaign says the suits will make parolees “better equipped to achieve gainful employment” and “live more productive lives.”

In typical Leftist fashion, Kaepernick can pretend he’s helping his fellow man.

However, it’s more likely that he’s seeking tax deductions in his time of unemployment.

Any guesses as to the number of prisoners are 6’4″ and 230 lbs, and in shape to play in the NFL?  I suggest that Kaepernick may be putting his suits on layaway so he will have a wardrobe when he ends up in prison.

If Kaepernick really wants to help these prisoners, why doesn’t he take some of his NFL earnings and create a job placement program? Or better yet, he could hire prisoners to clean out his pool and wash his windows. If black lives matter, Kaepernick should offer a couple of his homeys an upgrade from their 6×6 former living arrangements.

Kaepernick falling on hard times #KevinJacksonRetired quarterbacks usually do well when they are respectable. Most cash in for many years. Namath, Staubach, Montana, Favre and countless others continue to thrive long after they leave the gridiron.

More recently, Tony Romo just signed a broadcasting deal with CBS after his retirement. And you can bet that half-black Kaepernick would have been the belle of the ball had he not decided to make the NFL his social engineering battlefield.

Kaepernick has backtracked on his stance to “take a knee” during the National Anthem.

It was bound to happen.

Kaepernick sees the error of his ways.

The real twist of fate is Kaepernick has backed down from his tantrum. He sees the error of his ways. Translated: Kaepernick knows how much that one small gesture cost him. Forget the 49ers deal, where he took a big hit. It’s the endorsement deals that really hit him in the wallet.

Political correctness rules most things, but not in this case. Kaepernick is toxic.

The fallout has been brutal, so much so Kaepernick now says he will stand for the National Anthem. Too late.

Despite the PC culture that now permeates the NFL under Goodell, the fans are what count. And we showed the NFL who’s the boss.

So Kaepernick can wear a Trump dress, Statue of Liberty earrings, and wave an American flag, but it won’t help.

But I’m sure he will find at least one inmate who will be happy to own his suits. Let’s hope that inmate will actually be thankful for what he has received, unlike Kaepernick.


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