This seemingly innocuous dispute between two men in China reminds me of the Clinton campaign.

In the case of these two men, the dispute led to a cold-blooded KO after they decided to settle their differences by way of a gym fight.

The same could be said of the battle between Trump and Clinton.

As for the Chinese men, the trouble between the two began brewing when one of the men, a martial artist, repeatedly parked his car illegally outside the gym.

In retaliation for this the other man, who is a security guard in the area, reportedly slashed the fighter’s car tires. In our dispute between Trump and Clinton, think of it as Trump constantly parking his 747 outside one of the Clinton’s mansions.

Not much narration is needed.

The simple fact is the big guy, Hillary Clinton, picked a fight with a trained fighter, Donald Trump.

The outcome was a foregone conclusion, though not necessarily to the misinformed; that would be Democrats.

You see, Democrats believe they win on paper. That’s why they pad their resumes and fake about everything else in life.

Most conservatives are happy being prepared and qualified for the fight.

As a trained fighter myself, I can relate to the two men in the video. So often Leftists threaten to harm me or my family with no idea that the fate of the fat guy in the video is the fate that would await them, should we meet.

In a world that is brutal enough, Leftists look for fights. And for no good reason. Then, they get their fight.

In the video, the big guy knows instantaneously that he is overmatched. However, something inside his head gives him what he believes is a “puncher’s chance.” Kick after stinging kick, the trained fighter zaps the stamina out of his body. But while the physical betrays him eventually, understand that after about three kicks, the big guy realizes that he has picked the wrong man to fight.

His mind now shifts to survival.

Towards the end of the fight–not that I even call it that–the big man begins to simply cover up, waiting the next painful blow.

More beatings from TrumpYou can hear the “cracks,” as the martial artist slaps foot against skin. In his case, the martial artists’ body hardened for impact. He might as well be punching a pillow.

Finally, the trained fighter mercifully decides to end the fight.

A well-placed punch is all it takes for the all too willing man to fall. Beaten. Defeated.

He lies there, perhaps unable, but certainly unwilling to get up. His vanquisher stand over his carcass, the shell of what the man was only a few minutes earlier and shouts, “Make America Great Again!”

Like Hillary, the man will recover. He has learned his lesson.

But I assure you, Hillary hasn’t. More beatings will come to the Left. And they will soon receive a knockout blow.



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