Leftist “Scientists” Declare WACKIEST THEORY EVER about Christians

Leftist “Scientists” Declare WACKIEST THEORY EVER about Christians

The attempt to dismiss religious beliefs as irrelevant is underway.

Researchers found a new label for those who have the temerity, good sense, and intelligence to believe in a higher power.

wackiest theory everThe new term used to describe believers? Mental Instability.

You read that right. Liberals who regularly refuse to have their beliefs challenged use science to label the religious. Let’s be clear, this is an attack on Christians, as no leftist would dare attack Muslims.

The leftists claim Christians need counseling or medication to deal with our ailment of belief in God.

A new study at Northwestern University claims to know what Christians suffer. They claim that we may suffer from brain damage. Apparently, there is a part of the brain that links to increased religious fundamentalism.

Jordan Grafman analyzed data from Vietnam War veterans to explain that “lesions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex reduced cognitive flexibility.”

As the saying goes, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” So why not test war-hardened, God-fearing vets? These men likely proved to be inflexible in their belief in God. That lack of flexibility seems to provide the conclusion to which the study arrived.

Ironically, conservatives didn’t need to study leftists to come to the very same conclusion about their “fundamentalism.” For example, leftists’ undying belief in Barack Obama show an amazing leftist delusion.

Religious Fundamentalism Fits Leftists

The study says that fundamentalists self-identified as “adhering to a set of firm religious beliefs” which promote “unassailable truths.” The study also characterizes fundamentalism as “a rigidity and inflexibility in one’s beliefs.”

Conservatives believe in God, pure and simple. God reveals himself everywhere, only leftists are too blind to see Him. And Christians know that God never fails.

However, leftists believe in things they can see, like Obama. And despite his very fallible history, leftists still worship this fraud. But they have the nerve to call us mentally unstable?

Yet, liberal scientists would have us believe that remaining resolute in your religious beliefs is a mental disorder.

What about leftists’ religions?

Atheism believes in nothing, while Humanism glorifies man over any god. Will scientists study this and other leftist belief systems to see how many mentally unstable leftist “fundamentalists” walk the earth? Or is it just the Bible believers they have a problem with?

America is in the middle of an epidemic of secular alt-Left thugs who use their need for political-debate-free safe spaces to justify violence against political opponents. Network news almost weekly reports on violence by leftists against conservatives.

That’s not what Jesus would do.

Leftists fight for the planet in their religion called Environmentalism. These people believe they must protect an orb with a circumference of 22,000 miles. Only leftists can protect a heavenly body that creates hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, and such.

The same people who profess to the religion dedicated to “climate change,” are too idiotic to admit that climate change is nothing more than weather.

“Climate Deniers” are listed in the quasi-formal category of mental health disorders.

If you’re critical of globalists, that’s a mental health problem too.

Next, Trump supporters have been labeled from here to Kingdom come. And there are plenty of mental health-related phobia that leftists haven’t used on us.

“Racism, xenophobia, homophobia,” and so on. Leftists project their fears on conservatives, then claim it is we who have the problems.

Once religion is formerly recognized as a mental disorder, the Left will demand funding to search for a cure. And you can bet that only they have the cure.

Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984 – where your government now does your thinking for you.

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