Trump Decorates White House with ONE IMAGE That Leaves DEMOCRATS FURIOUS

Trump Decorates White House with ONE IMAGE That Leaves DEMOCRATS FURIOUS

Leftists lost the election, thus control of the White House.

Trump decorates the White House #KevinJacksonAnd though most Leftists have never entered the White House, they revere it when Democrats are there. First families always decorate the White House. After all, this is the home they live in for 4-8 years. No one said a word when Obama redecorated. But Trump’s choice in artwork has fanned a few flames!

The Clintons brought “white trash” to the White House, but nobody cared. You know the Bush family dumped ALL the sheets as soon as they entered the dwelling.

As for the Obamas, they likely learned a bit of class about what to buy from the Bushes. Then, they threw everything out and began “blackening” the White House.

I theorize they added a chicken shack and a juke joint, as Black Camelot threw a lot of parties. Hey, to each his own.

The fact is, First families always decorate the White House. The White House is theirs to do with as they please (for the most part) for 4-8 years.

And whatever the Obama’s chose to do, hardly a peep came from the American public.

But now we have President Trump.

As Amanda Shae reports:

The White House isn’t just a place where the president lives, it’s a monument that represents milestones in leadership throughout our nation’s history. Perhaps not a single leader has been so controversial as our current Commander-in-Chief who overcame all odds to call this place home. Because of that, he has every right to document this incredible feat with a framed piece that shows exactly how that happened.

The media tried to portray that Trump’s opposition, Hillary Clinton, had a huge lead in the presidential race. However, one picture proved that wrong, which has now become the West Wing’s latest and perhaps most extraordinary piece of artwork.

Trump didn’t become president by a mere margin — he won by a landslide of votes where it counted most. The Electoral College is the deciding vote and the now infamous image of which way each area of every state went has become its own modern art on display in the White House, and for good reason.

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words!

This particular picture may have stirred more like a million words.

When White House correspondent Trey Yingst first tweeted about Trump’s new artwork, Twitter went wild!


Yingst fired back:

A hapless Democrat rube fired back…

And was quickly dispatched by a GOP sniper!


Let’s just call this a “Victory Map”.

And if anybody deserves a victory map to go with his victory lap, it’s President Trump.

He’s endured every  Leftist trick imaginable and won. But it still hasn’t ended.

Every day the president wakes with the goal to Make America Great Again.

I bet many in America would love to get their hands on a Trump-autographed version of that map.

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