Psychotic Leftist Planned to KILL PRESIDENT TRUMP at DC Trump Hotel [VIDEO]

Psychotic Leftist Planned to KILL PRESIDENT TRUMP at DC Trump Hotel [VIDEO]

Kathy Griffin symbolically beheaded President Trump.

However, others want to do far more. And according to Reuters, somebody certainly was willing to try.

A Pennsylvania man was arrested at President Donald Trump’s Washington hotel early on Wednesday after police found a rifle, pistol, and ammunition in his car, a discovery they said may have prevented a disaster in the U.S. capital.

The article continues,

Brian Moles, 43, of Edinboro, was taken into custody shortly after checking into the Trump International Hotel a few blocks from the White House, Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham told a news conference.

A tipster had told the Pennsylvania State Police that Moles was traveling to Washington with weapons, and the information was passed on to the Secret Service and Washington police, Newsham said.

“I believe that the officers and our federal partners and in particular the tipster coming forward averted a potential disaster here in our nation’s capital,” Newsham said.

Moles was arrested without incident, the chief said.

Threats like this against the president and his family are a direct result of leftists.

The morons on the Left have put a bounty out on President Trump, yet they claim it is he who incites violence.

Authorities say there is no clear motive in the case, and that Moles may have made threats. However, they would not divulge the nature of the threats.

On thing is for sure: the tipster got it right.

According to the police incident report, Moles possessed a Glock 23 pistol and a Carbon 15 Bushmaster rifle. Officers responding to the call saw one of the guns in his car. After searching the vehicle, they found a second firearm in the glove compartment.

Moles also had 30 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and 60 .223-caliber rounds, the report said. He was charged with two counts of carrying a pistol without a license and possessing unregistered ammunition.

I didn’t know you had to register ammunition, but that’s the least of my concerns. As yet again we find out that serious threats exists against the president.

Meanwhile, idiot leftists chase red herrings like the fake Russian story.


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