EMBARRASSING: Maxine Waters Gets Her Mic Cut by Democrats [VIDEO]

EMBARRASSING: Maxine Waters Gets Her Mic Cut by Democrats [VIDEO]

The Democrats have a rogue Negro in Maxine Waters.

Waters spoke at an event called the African-American Caucus for the California Democratic Party.

I’m not sure how long she had been speaking, but she is approached by a white man who whispers in her ear. One can only surmise he was letting her know that her time was up.

As Waters and the white guy work things out, a black panelist intervenes and pushes the white man off the stage and to the back of the room.

Waters continues her speech, and can be heard discussing the Russians and the plans for Comey to testify.

At this point, most people are no longer listening to Waters, but observing the disturbance in the back of the room.


Waters: Ambassador and the foreign minister, bragging again…and talking about.

{Man approaches podium}

Audience: Leave her alone. {woman laughs}

Waters: That’s alright, that’s ok…they try to shut me up all the time. We’re ok. We’re alright. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. We’re ok. And I’m going to try to wrap it up.

Who is “they”?

Her own Democrats? These weren’t Trump operatives or CA GOP people. 

Waters: So, again, in addition to this firing of Comey, uh, in that meeting that he had with the Russian Ambassador and the foreign minister where he revealed this classified information, the Republicans are getting very nervous. And so they’re glad that there’s not a special counsel. And now, we’re about to hear some things, we think next week we’re going to hear from Comey who’s going to describe what happened at this…

Audience: Keep going

Waters: What’s happened with these memos…Alright let’s keep going

Audience: {Chant} Keep going, keep going…

Keep in mind folks, this is a Democratic event and not a Republican in sight.

As for Waters’ speech, there is a lot of wishful thinking.

The special counsel has been appointed. And despite what the Left believe, this is actually not good news for them.

As the special counsel begins peeling back this onion, don’t be surprised when the actions of Hillary Clinton, Leon Podesta, Susan Rice, and yes, Barack Obama are all called into question.

As we reported earlier, Comey is already on record on this issue:

The Left has truly “shot the wad” over the Russians. They know the story is fake, but hope the Alinsky tactics of the past work.

They won’t.

Most of America knows the Russia story is an Ivan the Red Herring. But that won’t stop the Left. They will continue, despite the obvious outcome.

This is because the Left have nothing.

More evidence of the Leftist nonsense comes from an interview by Brian Williams.

In an interview with Williams, Michael Schmidt of the New York Times discusses the “Trump-Comey Memo”.


Below is a tortured explanation from Schmidt on why the New York Times move forward with this bogus story.


Brian Williams: “Why is it the Times has the story, but not the memo?”

Watch as Schmidt reveals that he never saw the memo on which Schmidt built his story.

Schmidt: Well, uh, we’d been, we’d been, I’d been working on a story for the past few days about the fact thatComey had written these, we thought that was significant in and of themself. And in the process of pushing on those doors this morning I learned more about one of these memos. And someone had seen them recounted details to me. We felt comfortable with those details, we did some diligence on the information, and we realized how sensitive that information was and how potentially important they could be, and we moved as quickly as we could.

Moreover, as Schmidt “hems and haws” you get the gist of the lie the Left has propagated for almost a year when Schmidt reveals:

“Someone that had seen [the memo] had recounted details to me.”

EXACTLY! The lying Democrats who had nothing on now-President Trump merely made up a story. Sadly, the media was all too happy to run with it.

Maxine Waters hangs her hopes and what’s left of her career on this. The Democrats will soon look for the exit strategy for this farce soon, and I will be here to document their every step backwards.

You can bet Maxine Waters gets her mic cut again soon.



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