Maxine Waters GOES BALLISTIC When Confronted By Constituent [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters GOES BALLISTIC When Confronted By Constituent [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters should be in a museum.

A dinosaur museum. She’s a Racepimpasaurus Rex.

This woman has made a living fomenting hate. She has no reason not to support President Trump, but she will out of spite.

Her constituents are on to her. One of them confronted the California con woman to discuss her calls for the impeachment of President Trump.

Waters immediately went into a tirade about Trump being a horrible person and a liar.


At the end of the video, the constituent calls for Maxine Waters’ impeachment. One guess as to what Waters did.

If you guessed pulled the race card, then you have been paying attention.

‘You cannot impeach a woman of color!’ Waters responded.



Constituent: “Well I just want to talk about your representation in Washington and our President as well.

Waters: “I can’t stand him! He’s the most horrible man I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Constituent: “I love my President.”

Waters: “I’m glad you do! Your President is a dishonorable, lying man. He mocked a journalist. I’ve never seen a grown man do that! He talked about grabbing women by the private parts. He’s lies everyday. He’s in bed with Putin and the Russians about oil! And everybody around him are allies with the Kremlin and with the Oligarchs of Russia. They’re gonna take us down!”

Next, the constituent brought up former President Bill Clinton. She mentioned his sexual dalliances, however Waters shrugged it off. Just so we are clear, Waters’ reaction meant that the only sexual issues that bother her are those involving Republican men.

Waters informed her constituent that she would work everyday until she gets President Trump impeached. At least her constituents might get Waters to actually work.

This didn’t sit well with her constituent, who said she’s going to work hard everyday to make sure that President Trump isn’t impeached, but that  instead Maxine Waters gets impeached.

She might as well have called Waters, Ms. James Brown, as it was game on.

Maxine Waters screamed, “You cannot impeach a woman of color!”

Since when can you not impeach a “woman of color?”

The problem in DC is people like Waters have gotten away with so much for so long, they believe the hype.

Remember this scandal involving her husband and his position at a bank?

In the midst of a national financial catastrophe, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) used her position as a senior member of Congress and member of the House Financial Services Committee to prevail upon Treasury officials to meet with OneUnited Bank.  She never disclosed that her husband held stock in the bank.  This outrageous conduct has led Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to include the congresswoman as one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress.  Click here to read the full report on Rep. Waters.

And in another string of scandals, Waters found herself all tied up. As the Independent Sentinel reported:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), is involved in yet another ethically troubling situation. The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that her daughter Karen Waters and her firm Progressive Connections has been paid over $600K by her mother since 2006.

She was paid nearly $70,000 during the 2016 election cycle alone.

She has done it before. CREW lists Maxine as the most corrupt member of congress n 2005, 2006, and 2009. Waters is one of the few members of Congress with a record of unethical dealings that can compare with Hillary Clinton’s, CREW writes.



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