Mayor Rahm Emanuel Gets PISSED On LIVE TV Over One Question [VIDEO]

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Gets PISSED On LIVE TV Over One Question [VIDEO]

The Democrats are in disarray, and it’s a touchy subject.

Because Democrats don’t know who they are, they resent being forced to ask questions about their party’s future.

Appearing on CNN’s State Of The Union Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was challenged on exactly that issue. Recall that Emanuel worked in the Obama administration, and of course is a dyed in the wool Leftist. One would think that having a pedigree like that would make answering a question about Hillary Clinton’s prospects a “soft pitch”.

However, when anchor Dana Bash asked him: ‘If Hillary Clinton is up for another presidential run, would that be a good thing for your party?’, Emanuel was elusive.

Note how slowly Emanuel answers, then try to imagine what he would have said about loser Obama.



After an awkwardly pregnant pause, Emanuel answered.

“You know, look, you’re asking something that—we’re not even first through the midterm election. She hasn’t even declared, for me to say that—”

Bash interrupted, and pressed him. At this point Emanuel insisted that the question was “not a good question.”

A flustered Emanuel answered:

“You know, I love you…It’s not a good question. OK? So the question is, it’s not a good question.”

Not to go all Tina Turner, but WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?!

Not feeling the love, Bash inquired of her question not being “good”:

“Why not?…She sounded like she could be a candidate again. Would you think that’s a good idea? You’re a party leader.”

Emanuel delivered more love in his response,

“I happen to love Hillary, and I think she’s full of energy.”

Full of energy?

What a strange comment.

Even now Democrats are trained to stick to the narrative that Hillary Clinton is “strong like bull”. Perhaps he didn’t get the memo on Hillary Clinton’s most recent coughing fit, or her need for “trip glasses” at the Memorial Day parade?

Apparently not. But the “touchy-feely” Democrat tried to recover with this comment.

“And I happen to think there’s a lot of time between now and the presidential [election], and she has to decide whether that’s in her heart…We have a lot of time between now and the presidential election of 2020. Hillary has a lot to offer. The core question is not whether I think she would be a good candidate. It’s whether she wants to run.”



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