MEANING? Man Discovers Trump Secret Code In Termination Letter To Comey

MEANING? Man Discovers Trump Secret Code In Termination Letter To Comey

Donald Trump is a showman.

So perhaps the “code” uncovered in the president’s tweet on Comey is a real one.

The firing of FBI Director James Comey’s was long overdue. Yet, the Left pretend to be shocked.

In order to drain the swamp, President Trump needed to begin with Comey.

What I find most humorous is that Comey likely didn’t see his termination coming. Comey was headed to a meeting, when he learned of his plight by the media. Then, he was handed his walking papers and apparently didn’t catch the code.

Firing the director of the FBI is a bold move that only Trump would make, who had good reason to after Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation. It wasn’t just a single oversight or move made without months of chances.

As FOX News anchor and attorney Gregg Jarrett said,

“Comey deserved to be fired.”

Jarrett went on to discuss in his article:

“It should have happened a long time ago. Specifically, July 5, 2016 when he held a very public news conference to announce Hillary Clinton should not be criminally prosecuted for mishandling classified information and jeopardizing national security,”

“He should have been fired again when he sent a letter to congressional leaders reopening the Clinton case, knowing full well it would be made public just days before the presidential election,” he further explained. Garrett’s explanation of Trump’s reason to terminate Comey makes sense to reasonable people not looking for ways to hate everything this particular president does. However, MSNBC claims that the president be “so bothered” by how Comey handled the investigation that he had to fire him is “so plainly absurd, it’s alarming that anyone in the West Wing would expect anyone to believe such transparent nonsense.”

Comey failed to do his job.

Both sides of the aisle were disappointed with Comey. And ironically, both sides were right.

It an interesting take on the developments, Stefan Molyneux said he “cracked the code”

Although Molyneux may be a bit facetious, the fact is Trump did win.

Besides winning the presidency against all odds, President Trump has attacked all the institutions complicit in allowing the government to run amuck.

President Trump has been investigated by his own FBI based on a fake news Leftist narrative. Comey should have disregarded this nonsense. Leftists continue to ignore the president’s amazing First 100 Days, as well as the magic he did before even becoming president.

Maxine Waters and many other Leftists have vowed to stop the president. They say they will never work with him, and in fact calls for his impeachment.

These very same morons have forgiven Obama, despite his massive record of failure. Many speak of things Trump inherited, as if they Obama had never been president.

Trump keeps winning. And he will keep on winning.

Now imagine when Trump puts an FBI Director content on upholding the law. Imagine that person is Trey Gowdy or Rudy Guiliani?

In six months, all who have gone against Trump will pay the price.




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