Muslim Rapist Demands Freedom: Claims Islam Doesn’t Recognize Rape of Infidels

Muslim Rapist Demands Freedom: Claims Islam Doesn’t Recognize Rape of Infidels

Many Muslims refuse to assimilate to the western cultures to which they migrate.

Where their religious beliefs come into conflict with the laws of their new land, they follow Sharia. Even if that means ignoring the rights of innocent people.

Married Muslim RapistSubjugating and oppressing women is common practice in Islam. If you don’t like it, too bad. Because Muslims believe they should be allowed to freely practice their freedom-stealing religion no matter where they live. And no matter who they hurt.

A recent example of this mindset occurred in Colorado. Ten years ago, police in Denver arrested a married Muslim man for keeping a sex slave and subjugating her to unspeakable torture.

Homaidan Al-Turki, a Saudi national, was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison on several felony counts that included the sexual assault, physical abuse, and false imprisonment of his Indonesian housekeeper.

His defense? Islam allows the sexual enslavement of non-Muslim or “infidel” women. In Al-Turki’s mind, he’s not a criminal, but a good ole boy, Muslim. A regular Moe just doing what all good Muslims do.

That’s why he refused to apologize at his sentencing for “things I did not do and for crimes I did not commit.”

But it gets even worse.

When Al-Turki came up for parole recently, he defended his actions as normal for Muslims. He then claimed to be the victim of religious discrimination.

In addition, this rapist demanded that the judge release him because what he did is not a crime under Sharia Law.

“The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.”

Al-Turki further asked to be transferred to his native Saudi Arabia in order to be set free. Because in that theocratic hellhole for women, rape is sanctioned.

It is clear this Muslim rapist does not recognize the authority of American laws.

Now, Al-Turki will try to spread his depravity to the Supreme Court, using an appeal to argue that his imprisonment for sex slavery violates his religious rights. Sadly, there are many Leftists who likely believe the man has a case.

What about Sex Therapy for the Rapist? Only if it’s Sharia-Compliant!

A recent bid for parole revealed that ten years into his sentence Al-Turki still hasn’t enrolled in required reprogramming for sex offenders. When parole board member Brandon Mathews questioned why, Al-Turki claimed he actually wants to be admitted into a sex offender treatment program. No doubt in order to reduce his prison sentence.

However, in order for him to be accepted, the Muslim rapist must admit to his crimes and submit to therapy. Ironically, neither of these choices are allowed under Sharia Law. So, his requests to enter the program have been repeatedly denied. That’s what called a religious rock and a hard place.

Al-Turki maintains his innocence based on the supremacy of Sharia Law over American laws. This should give every American pause.

Moreover, he also refuses to speak with female therapists about sexual matters, or view nude pictures of women as the therapy requires.

This refusal to respect anyone with different religious beliefs is how the sickness of Islam infects western civilization.

This false ideology is rooted in violence and strict control over those who disagree.

Muslims like Al-Turki demand that western nations change our laws to accommodate their religion. And this is what Islam declares is “peaceful”?. Rapists disguised as the religiously devout are attempting to transform western society into Islamic theocracies.

This Muslim rapist’s arguments prove that women living in western cultures will never be safe around Muslims who illegally believe in Sharia Law. Thankfully, these days are over for Muslims and their supporters.

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