Muslim Refugees in China Attack Girl and Get CRUSHED BY ONLOOKERS! [VIDEO]

Muslim Refugees in China Attack Girl and Get CRUSHED BY ONLOOKERS! [VIDEO]

China’s policy on Muslim refugees has become much more strict over the last few years.

We chronicled the crackdown on names:

According to Lizzie Dearden of the Independent:

Any babies with “overly religious” names will be barred from the hukou household registration system governing access to healthcare and education, a police official in the regional capital of Urumqi told RFA, which was founded by the US government and advances its foreign policy.

“You’re not allowed to give names with a strong religious flavour, such as Jihad or names like that,” he added.

“The most important thing here is the connotations of the name…[it mustn’t have] connotations of holy war or of separatism.”

Then there was the preparation for the Olympics. We wrote at the time:

For example, in the Summer 2016 China prepared to host the G20 Summit for the first time. They cleaned up streets and rebuilt infrastructure. They spiffed up the place, to make it more presentable for the visitors.

Next, the Chinese government urged citizens to get rid of bugs and help decrease traffic.

In Guangzhou, businesses were closed and citizens were sent on vacation. The next move may surprise you, as the Chinese police ordered hotels to turn away Muslim guests. Why? They feared violence and brutality.

This video shows what the Chinese may have feared.

You can hear the Muslims shouting at the crowd of Chinese. They yell, “F you!” 

At some point, a woman is struck; that’s when the Chinese men take things into their own hands.


You can see the crowd attack the men.

One of the Muslims is pushed down, then kicked in the face. The man who assaulted him then turns to attack another Muslim refugee.

Having lived in China for a short time, I found the people to be difficult to anger. But there are things that get their ire up, and the Muslims apparently accomplished this.

Regardless, it’s good to see that people are not merely standing idly by in dealing with their Muslim issues, no matter where those issues occur.

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