NAACP RE-BRANDING: They Fired President and Want to go Thug Like #BLM

NAACP RE-BRANDING: They Fired President and Want to go Thug Like #BLM

Tired of competing for attention with groups like Black Lives Matter, the NAACP is looking to reinvent itself.

NAACP replaces President #KevinJacksonThe NAACP holds bragging rights for being the oldest Civil Rights organization in America. Somehow they went from promoting the advancement of colored people to become the most racist organization on the planet. In fact, many people in America consider the NAACP a hate group.

Current President, Cornell William Brooks has led the group since 2014. On paper, Brooks appears to be a Leftist’s wet dream.

Educated at Yale, Brooks was also the leader of the Institute for Social Justice. He’s an attorney/activist and former political candidate.

And what a pedigree. Brooks is the grandson of Thurgood Marshall, who argued the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education.

So it’s hard to imagine why the NAACP wants to throw him out like yesterday’s junk mail.

The reason might surprise you. Word on the street says Brooks isn’t black enough to take on Trump.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

Board Chairman Leon Russell said the change is necessary to better position the organization to combat the onslaught of civil rights assaults and rollbacks the board expects under President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and to prepare the organization to shape the country in the next century.

While Brooks has been present at social justice demonstrations across the country, Russell says the board is looking for a leader who can focus on strengthening the local chapters and navigating local, regional and state policy-making processes.

For instance, Brooks was among the activists arrested in January at the office of now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, then a Republican senator, during a sit-in protesting his nomination for the cabinet position.

“I think Cornell was good at raising the issue in terms of going out and being able to do the protest part of it,” Russell said. “But we are now at the point where the issues are raised. Everyone is aware of them. But it’s time to put on the table to actualize solutions.”

Put another way, the NAACP want a more radical president.

#BLM and the Antifa drummed up a lot more press coverage during the same months.

Had Brooks donned a mask and knocked out a few “crackers”, he might have kept his job.

However, Brooks tenure with the NAACP ends June 30th.

Now the transformation of the organization for “coloreds” begins. As SFGate reports:

NAACP Board Chairman Leon W. Russell and Vice Chair Derrick Johnson will lead the organization until a new president is selected.

Russell and Johnson announced what they described as a “transformational, system-wide refresh and strategic re-envisioning” for the NAACP in a Friday evening conference call with reporters.

“We understand and appreciate the historic model of protest, but at this point in time we believe as an organization we need to retool to become better advocates, better at educating the public, better at involving them in our operation” and better at legislation and litigation, Russell said.

Russell, who was made the Baltimore-based organization’s board chairman in February, praised Brooks’ leadership. He said the NAACP remained at the forefront of civil rights activism in the United States.

“However, modern-day civil rights issues facing the NAACP, like education reform, voting rights and access to affordable health care, still persist. They demand our continued action,” he said.

A national search for a new leader was expected to begin this summer.

In addition, the NAACP planned to embark on a “listening tour” this summer. They want to solicit input on how the organization should reinvent itself.

Maybe the leader of the New Black Panther Party would consider the position?

Clearly #BLM has raised the bar in the hate-America-protests division. The NAACP finally has competition.

Thankfully, Americans are no longer afraid to call the NAACP and BLM out on their racism.

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