Hilarious Reason Why New Yorkers Are Taking Self-Defense Classes

Hilarious Reason Why New Yorkers Are Taking Self-Defense Classes

While New Yorkers get their butts kicked every day on the subways and on the crime-ridden streets, they now are taking self-defense classes to protect themselves.

Why now?

New Yorkers are taking self-defense 2For eight years Leftist have sanctioned crime, particularly in big cities.  And the Leftist crime boss is Barack Obama.

The group committing the most violent crimes, black teens, have gotten a pass in the Era of Obama. To see the devastation, just look at the statistics.

Crime in almost every city in America with over 100,000 people has gone up. Some cities have experienced increases greater than 50 percent.

So the idea of sanctuary cities is not just for illegals. However, if you were illegal, then you really feasted in the Era of Obama. Illegals are often treated better than veterans.

In fact, In 2013 under the Obama Administration they released over 200,000 CONVICTED criminal illegal aliens back into streets of America. These people were guilty of committing murder, rape, assault, kidnapping, just to name a few.

In 2015 in North Carolina alone 1200 illegal aliens were on trial for over 5000 counts of rape against children. 

So the idea that New Yorkers suddenly want to protect themselves is totally understandable.

However, as usual with Leftists, their rationale is highly flawed.

Leave it to the media to make Obama’s outcome Trump’s problem. They credit Trump for the “bump” in New Yorkers seeking self-defense instruction, as if Trump ushered in the era of lawlessness America now experiences.

The 400 percent increase in sign-ups compared to last year has nothing to do with Trump’s pro-law and order stance. The increase is due to the outcome of eight years of Obama’s policies.

But that not what the Left wants us to believe.

Supposedly, most of the requests for self-defense and martial arts training come from Muslims, immigrant communities, LGBT groups, and women, according to Tracy Hobson of the Center for Anti-violence Education.

“Some communities are seeking defense skills because they do not feel comfortable calling the police…“I understand the fear that something can escalate if you decide to intervene, but I think calling the police can also escalate things.”

Abject nonsense.

Since when did people feel “unsafe” calling the police while being a victim of a crime?

Unless you are not legal to be in the country, there is no reason to fear the police. If anything, police should be afraid to respond to calls involving any of these groups.

We have never seen a war on cops like we have throughout the Obama Administration. The past few years has seen spikes in law enforcement officer attack, as well as deaths..

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio was quick to blame President Donald Trump for a rise in reported hate crimes in 2016. New York police posted a 35 percent increase in reported hate crimes in 2016 from 2015, even though crime rates declined in the same period.

“You can’t have a candidate for president single out groups of Americans, negatively, and not have some ramifications for that,” de Blasio said in December. “It’s obviously connected to the election.”

Again, more Leftist nonsense.

This type of behavior was tolerated during the rule and reign of Obama and now that Trump wants to enforce our existing laws he somehow is an evil dictator.

The only correlation between this increase in hate crimes is the fake news report.

The Muslim community has no room to debate. Hardly a week goes by without some act of jihad or planned act thwarted. The same is true of illegals., LGBTQ, and illegal immigrant communities are learning how to defend themselves when the only violence I have witnessed in the

And you can bet the LGBTQ is well-represented in the Antifa movement, as they burn cars, and attempt to beat up peaceful Conservatives. Remind me who’s shooting cops and destroying businesses over nonsense?




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