Newest Method of Getting through TSA Airport Security Quickly — Travel Buck Naked [VIDEO]

Newest Method of Getting through TSA Airport Security Quickly — Travel Buck Naked [VIDEO]

Atlanta, Georgia must have experienced a fairly intense heat wave last week.

Apparently, 86 degrees and 56% humidity is the breaking point for some.  At Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport one woman stripped naked before walking through the airport.

There is another possibility. Perhaps this woman felt that going commando might be the fastest way to get TSA’s approval before boarding her flight. Or she could have just been flying United and wanted them to know she was no threat.

There is one other possibility.

This woman could be a holdover from the Clinton campaign, and she just lost it. Like the Japanese soldiers who were still hiding on Okinawa, unaware that the war had ended.

Recall the story we did on the woman running naked with the boys’ track team?

Naked Woman May Have Taken Hillary Clinton Loss Too Painfully

Growling, muttering incoherently, and running naked. That’s what this crazy woman was doing.

We polled 100 psychiatrists who said the woman suffers from “Hillary Clinton Got Her Ass Kicked” Syndrome.

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As for the woman in Atlanta, video captured at the scene shows the unidentified woman casually strolling down Terminal B past bathrooms, multiple travelers, and custodians.

Like “track woman,” the airport streaker made a lot of noise to call attention to her naked self.

First, she greeted everyone a few times, shouting, “Heeeeeyyyyy!  Heeeeeeeyyyyy!”

More shocking than that, she next offered onlookers the chance to perform a full cavity search on her.

Proving she had nothing to hide, the woman yelled, “Whew, Jesus.”

She then promptly bent over and flapped her butt cheeks open and closed with her hands while engaging in conversation with nearby passengers:

“Hey every f***ing body, look at how f***ed up my p**** is and I don’t give a f***.”

She then stood up, and continued her stroll while loudly confirming for all the world to hear:

“I don’t give a f***.”

Leave it to some chick to ruin a “safe space”.

travel buck nakedThat must have been her goal, because it certainly was effective.

People were tripping over themselves and one another to move far, far away from her as fast as they could.

If a safe space is what she wanted, she picked the wrong spot. Since 2000, Atlanta houses the busiest airport in the world. In 2015 alone, more than 101 million passengers traveled through it.

Some airline passengers, both coming and going, tried to ignore the free-spirited naked woman. Others stopped and openly gawked, appearing to be shocked at the display, but seemingly unable or unwilling to look away.

Several travelers took to social media to express both shock and amusement.

One person wrote:

‘Anyone get to see the completely naked woman walking around Conc B at @ATLairport a few minutes ago?”

Another chimed in:

“In ATL airport right now and there is a naked woman running around the airport showing people her private areas.”

Police later revealed that the woman bought a ticket with cash before stripping herself completely naked in order to go on walkabout.

Upon catching up with her, police took the woman into custody without incident. She was transported to a local hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

At present, her condition is unknown. Neither have the police divulged whether she will face charges for public indecency.


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