Leftist Late Night Comics GETTING CRUSHED by Trump

Leftist Late Night Comics GETTING CRUSHED by Trump

Gone are the heavy hitters of late night. No longer do 800 lb gorillas like Johnny Carson dominate late night with gut-busting comedy genius.

All that remain are spider monkeys in comparison.

Comedic hacks like Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert consistently fail to bring the funny. Instead, their repertoire of political outrage is filled with anger. A whole lot of it.

Liberal Late Night Comics AREN'T FunnyAnd almost all chose to nightly direct their idiocy at President Trump.

Last week, Colbert went on a disgusting, profanity-infused diatribe, labeling our president as the “presidunce” and a “pricktator,” along with other crude sayings I won’t repeat.

The tirade was neither clever nor funny.

Instead of inspiring, people called for Colbert’s head. Because of those complaints, the FCC is investigating the nonsense.

Sure Colbert got a short boost at the expense of the president. However, it was short-lived.

Last time I checked, the American people don’t give a damn about Hollywood’s political opinions.

These people have as much originality as a sex doll. Leftists are kings of predictable jokes, and retread movies.

Think about it. All the recent Hollywood blockbusters are based on 1960s marvel comics. If filmmakers didn’t have fictional superheroes to “modernize,” they’d be twiddling their thumbs in boredom (or retirement).

Late night comedians are in a similar situation. Take away Trump, and most of the late-night comedic hacks are back home living in their parents’ basements.

I dare ANY of these humorless hacks to perform anything politically without referencing Trump.

These millionaire “entertainers” would have nothing to say.

Dozens of politicians literally stand ripe for the comedian’s picking. Is there no fodder for Hillary Clinton? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders, for goodness sake?!

But because they are fellow leftists, Hollyweird treats them with kid gloves.

Obama, the pied piper of poverty, hangs out on Billionaire Island while he punks out black America. He takes more money for one speech than he made in one year as president. Meanwhile, blacks struggle to pay the most basic of bills.

Why isn’t Colbert making jokes about the black messiah’s inability to turn water into wine? Hillary Clinton’s emergence from her rat hole, replete with weiners and other pricks, and the hacks can’t come up with even one joke? Hillary lost the election and fights to lose it again.

Seth Meyers (I know…who?!) doesn’t spoof Hillary Clinton’s delusions of grandeur. How about a Top 10 Reasons Hillary refuses to accept defeat?

Yet, no one on the late night “comedy” circuit will go near this low hanging fruit.

Why not?

Speaker Gingrich explains on Fox News Sunday.

“The problem you have with humor in America today is that Hollywood is so enraged at Donald Trump that they can’t be funny. All they’ve got is pure anger. And that’s what’s coming out in this stuff. And then they think it must be funny because they’re called comedians. And then they exhibit their anger as almost a pathology on late night television. And you’re supposed to laugh, because after all, they’re comedians. They ain’t funny because they’re too angry to be funny.”

Ironically, most of Hollyweird doesn’t even like Hillary Clinton. They just don’t know who does.

They must pretend to care, at least for the time being.

Trump will win in the end. Comedian Dave Chappelle said recently that Trump jokes are already old. They are overused because leftist comics have nothing new to say. Like the media, they run on talking points; humorless talking points.

The laugh has been too easy for the Left. Say you hate Bush and win the audience. Until they finally figure out they just wasted their money. Ask Amy Schumer.


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