What Was Obama Paid to Endorse Macron in the French Presidential Election?

What Was Obama Paid to Endorse Macron in the French Presidential Election?

Obama and other leftists are not averse to promoting their ideology across the pond. So, what? Obama’s policies didn’t work in America. And socialism combined with “multiculturalism” has failed miserably, costing lives. That’s no reason to stop promoting these insane concepts.

As President, Obama interfered in elections. In fact, he spent $350,000 to influence the Israeli election. And as with Hillary Clinton, Obama lost that election. Nevertheless, Obama is at it again. This time he lends or perhaps vends his crappy reputation to a French candidate.

As Scartlett Fakhar reports:

Former President Barack Obama has officially announced his endorsement of Emmanuel Macron in the upcoming French election.

“I know that you face many challenges and I want all of my friends in France to know how much I am rooting for your success,” he said in a video announcement. “Because of how important this election is, I also want you to know I am supporting Emmanuel Macron to lead you forward. En march. Vive la France.”

Macron is the leader of the En Marche Party, France’s socially liberal party, and is running against Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front Party, the country’s nationalist party.

In his announcement, Obama said he supports Macron’s positions and values.

“He appeals to people’s hopes and not their fears. And he is committed to a better future for the French people,” he stated. “He has stood up for liberal values. He put forward a vision for the important role that France plays in Europe and around the world.”

If I were the French, I’d ask to look at the bank balance, at Banque de Paris?

After all, Obama just got $400,000 for an hour of work prepping a speech to Wall Street. There’s no telling what he charged for this endorsement!

So now that Obama has sealed the fate of Macron, Marine Le Pen should be making her transition plans. Further, Le Pen gets the added benefit of a pseudo-endorsement from President Trump.

According to the president, Marine Le Pen presents a better choice, especially when considering terrorist threats and recent attacks in Paris.

Afterward, ISIS took credit for the attack that left police officers dead. Thus, Trump made the following prediction:

“She’s the strongest on borders and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France,” Trump said. “Whoever is the toughest on radical Islamic terrorism, and whoever is the toughest at the borders, will do well in the election.”

Trump versus Obama redux.

Will France follow in the footsteps of Obama as socialism engulfs the country? Or will the French follow the footsteps of the American people and choose a leader that will shake things up in all the right ways? 

My bet is the latter.

That said, Obama remains popular with the French. However, Macron will not likely benefit in this, as he finds himself looking Clintonesque. Remember, Obama had Jay-Z to help draw the crowds, and even that didn’t help.

I normally don’t watch foreign elections, but I am keeping an eye on this one. I hope Le Pen pulls it out, driving another stake through the heart of socialism.



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