CHECK OUT THE NUMBERS: How President Trump Is Saving America

CHECK OUT THE NUMBERS: How President Trump Is Saving America

The Trump economy is on fire.

In the four months since President Trump took the car keys from reckless Barry, the economy now soars.

Trump is saving AmericaPresident Trump continues to crush the Obama legacy of failure, and sets the stage to Make America Great Again!

The damage Obama did to the economy in eight years cannot be overstated. He ushered in the lowest home ownership since the 50s. Further, more Americans live on welfare and are without jobs. The national debt doubled, and his budgets have ballooned the deficit.

From a social-political point of view, the black community in disarray. They wage a war on police, when the real culprit is black criminality.

Obama condoned lawless sanctuary cities and criminal immigration laws.

In short, President Trump inherited a mess. But he’s not complaining, because he took the job to fix the mess. And he began with the economy.

Under President Trump the capacity for iron, steel and gas utilization has approved sharply. Metal manufacture is the building block of our economy. These industries are high paying jobs, and they require big capital investments to expand. Going into the election, Obama had all but given up on bringing this work back to America.

Housing, wages, corporate profits and investments have risen under President Trump, yet the mainstream media remain silent.

Since President Trump’s inauguration he has decreased the US debt by over $100 billion.

Obama on the other hand increased the US debt in his first four months by $659 billion.

The U.S. stock market gained $2 trillion in value since Trump was elected. Under Obama’s first four months the stock markets moved in the exact opposite direction, and he then decided to print $1 trillion a year to artificially keep the economy moving.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump added a projected 738,000 jobs in his first four months. President Obama on the other hand lost more than 3 million jobs in his first four months.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump decreased unemployment every month since his inauguration. The unemployment rate in January 2017 was 4.8% and by April it was down to 4.4%. Under President Obama, again it moved in the opposite direction and his first four months as president the US unemployment rate increased each month from 7.8% in January 09 to 9% by April 09

Housing sales in the US right now are on fire.

In 2011 houses for sale were on the market an average of 84 days. This year it’s just 45 days.

According to the US Census Bureau there were nearly twice as many US housing sales in the past couple of months as there were in 2009 during the same period.

Other comparisons between President Trump and Obama is illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trump inauguration. President Obama opened the US borders and allowed them to stay open the entire eight years he was in office.

When Leftists say that a president with no experience is a bad thing, they are 100 percent right. Look at Obama, a man who had absolutely NO experience. Then, compare him to President Trump, a man with a wealth of experience.

On Obama’s apology tour before leaving office he bragged about his economy and that Americans should be impressed and happy that gas was only two dollars a gallon. He conveniently left out the fact that gas was well over $3 a gallon for most of his tenure. Moreover, the cost of food increased by over 30 percent during his entire tenure.

If Obama wants to be remembered for gas prices at the end of his term, you know he’s reaching. You can bet he wants to remind us that he killed Osama bin Laden.

Obama’s legacy is an economy in triage, and he had absolutely no idea how to fix it. He reminded us in his “magic wand” quote about Trump.

If you believe Obama domestic policy sucked (it did!), then his foreign policy will scare the hell out of you.

Leftists don’t want to admit what we all know. President Trump is the true rock star, and Obama is at best a roadie.


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