German Citizens Watch MUSLIM REFUGEE: Then They Dish Out Justice [VIDEO]

German Citizens Watch MUSLIM REFUGEE: Then They Dish Out Justice [VIDEO]

Watch as this Muslim refugee stands behind a German woman in line at a concession stand. What comes next is interesting, as well as telling.

Obviously, the young lady visited the amusement park for a bit of family fun.

Behind her stands a Muslim refugee. It’s not enough that the young man left his God-forsaken armpit of a country to live in a beautiful place with friendly people. Germany gave him a new life and the potential for a new way of life.

And like far too many of these transplants, he squanders his chances.

As the young Muslim man slips his hand into the jacket of the young German woman, he doesn’t know that he’s being watched. More importantly, he’s being videotaped.

So, after the deed is done, he looks to make a getaway.

However, as he turns, one gentleman grabs him and places him in a rear naked choke. A second man retrieves the phone, then using wrist-control helps to keep the young man subdued.

It appears that the men were going to either take him to the authorities and show the video or perhaps kick the crap out of him. One can only hope they were able to do both.

This video is not a condemnation of all refugees. I’m certain that many refugees truly grateful to live outside of their former countries. Perhaps they remain brainwashed to the ways of Islam, yet don’t condone radical Islam. However, if they were willing to stop the radicals in their lands, they might not be refugees.

Put another way, if you won’t fight for your own homeland, why would anyone believe you would fight for your new one?

The reason America has withstood so much in her young history is the people willing to fight for her. That is the one thing far too many young Americans haven’t had to do. America has been gifted to them, and they take her for granted.

The Germans have lived under political correct nonsense longer, and they are finally striking back.



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