POLICE SEIZE ISIS COCAINE: Check Out How the Left Spins It

POLICE SEIZE ISIS COCAINE: Check Out How the Left Spins It

Reports claim that ISIS leadership provides painkillers and stamina drugs for their jihadists.

Because if Vietnam taught us nothing, the military fights better when it’s high on drugs.

Police Seize "ISIS" CocaineSo we are told by the media that the massive drug seizure from ISIS was because the drugs were for the troops.

Italian police just seized an estimated 37 million painkillers. According to authorities, the intended recipients were ISIS fighters in Libya who take them during battle to stay motivated. The shipment was labeled as shampoo and blankets.

This story’s coverage wreaks of propaganda.

These drugs were to go from one Third-World armpit to a final destination Third-World armpit. Yet the drugs were labeled as shampoo and blankets and intercepted in Italy?

Why not just mark the shipment “Goat Butt Grease” and ship direct? More on this in a bit.

Heat St recently claimed:

“It’s thought the tablets are frequently sold to ISIS fighters for about $2 each, meaning the haul was worth in the region of $75 million to whoever was planning to push them.”

“Those who attacked the Bataclan music club in Paris in 2013, slaughtering 89 people, were said to be high on the amphetamine Captagon.”


So men who live in the desert, in squalor, must pay for their drugs that keep them fighting?

Unless they’ve already been supplied with at least one of their 72 virgins (or a goat) and 3 squares, don’t expect the GQ jihadi to pay for his own drugs.

Yet,  Asia Net News alleged:

“[Nigerian terrorists] Boko Haram are said to feed child soldiers dates stuffed with tramadol before sending them on missions. ISIS is already known for feeding its fighters Captagon, an amphetamine that blocks hunger, fear and fatigue.”

Perhaps Boko Haram indeed “feeds child soldiers” drugs. But they are not making them PAY FOR THE DRUGS!

I have a theory.

I don’t believe these drugs are for ISIS fighters. In fact, I believe they were destined to the “civilized” world.

Why wouldn’t ISIS manufacture drugs to finance their caliphate? They could manufacture cheaply for the Mexicans and others. And, they already have (well, had) an easy conduit into the United States, for example.

They get the added benefit of poisoning the American infidel.

Indeed, Business Insider revealed the opiate smuggling operation.

“Authorities are investigating whether the Islamic State had anything to do with it. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reportedly tipped off the Narcotics and Arms Division of Greece’s Financial Crimes Unit (SDOE) about the haul — with an estimated street value of $13 million — due to arrive from India.”

Anybody heard mention of America’s “opiate addiction”?

So, the DEA obviously tracked this drug activity. What exactly is their interest in this shipment, if it wasn’t a threat to the U.S. homeland?

Which market would you bet on for opiate addiction? A jihadi with a life expectancy of months? Or a white teen from the suburbs of Chicago? Life expectancy 83 years and with access to wealthy parents or a trust fund.

India Times believes the former:

“Tramadol is a synthetic opioid used in treating pain which is also used as a narcotic substance. Captagon, known as the “fighter drug” is an amphetamine-containing substance used by jihadists in war zones to enhance battle performance.”

ISIS may very well be using the drug, but you can bet they are selling it more than they are using it.

All an alert ISIS fighter represents to a drone pilot is somebody who is alert when he is killed.

I asked earlier if as “reports” claim, the drugs were headed from one third world armpit to another, why would it need to take such a circuitous route?

Authorities traced the tramadol from an Indian pharmaceuticals company to a Dubai-based importer. From there, the drugs traveled to Sri Lanka, then Genoa, Italy. The last stop was allegedly Libya.

There’s got to be a lot of ways to get that product from the Far East to the Middle East without going through all those machinations?

Russell Baer from the DEA confirmed that smugglers traffic large quantities of Tramadol between New Delhi and Libya, which has become a “significant hub for Tramadol trafficking” in recent years.

Growing demand, according to Baer, “poses potentially significant security threat to the region.” The concern is that “insurgents and foreign terrorist organizations may further exploit the drug trade to finance their operations.”

The only reason to cover their tracks like that would be to smuggle the drugs into the civilized world. Expect to hear more about this drug in America and Europe soon.

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