Political Has-Been Hillary Clinton Bucking for Another Butt-Kicking

Political Has-Been Hillary Clinton Bucking for Another Butt-Kicking

Like a punch-drunk prize fighter way past her prime who refuses to quit, Hillary will not lose gracefully.

Politics, like boxing, is a blood sport. And like some fighters, Hillary Clinton believes she has one more fight in her. She doesn’t.

It happened to Muhammad Ali, too. He arrogantly stepped back in the ring when he was well past his prime and got pummeled for his trouble by Larry Holmes. Likewise, when Rocky Marciano faced Ali after 13 years in retirement, he thought he could take it. But he was wrong.

crusade against trumpWhat happened to these boxers? Someone better beat the crap out of them and it ended their careers.

And as career-ending elections go, Hillary Clinton just experienced one. Everyone in the free world seems to know it was Hillary’s swan song except for the failed candidate herself. So, instead of fading quietly into the night, Hillary returns to take on Trump once again.

Why? Because Clinton must beat somebody. Anybody!

Despite being the Pied Piper of feminism, Clinton can’t beat a man, especially when the prize is the presidency.

Hillary Clinton’s career was made by men. Her husband. Then Obama. And finally when Bernie Sanders rolled over to allow Hillary to get beaten by Trump.

So now, Clinton attempts to re-live her epic ass-kicking battle against Trump.

This time, Hillary has formed a specifically anti-Trump PAC to funnel money from donors to the campaigns she deems most worthy, I suppose. Clinton’s delusion that she did nothing wrong to cause her own defeat is perpetuated in many ways by this attempt at redemption.

First, she recycled former staffers including finance director Dennis Cheng and Undersecretary of State Judith McHale, who both helped her lose to Trump the first time.

Second, Clinton salvaged her marketing name for this PAC. Re-purposing the losing campaign slogan, Stronger Together, Clinton’s PAC will be called Onward Together.

Finally, the liberal approach to governing will also be re-used in this doomed effort to take down Trump. According to Politico, the PAC is one more way for Clinton to provide a nanny state to liberal snowflakes who need big government help to know just where to spend their money.

“The new organization is not expected to have a large staff, but will instead focus on sending money to other organizations at a time that Democratic donors are largely unsure about how they should be spending their cash.”

Days before this announcement, Crooked Hillary had repurposed her excuses for electoral defeat in an appearance at a Women for Women International event in New York.

The top two I-did-nothing-wrong excuses? Comey set me up to fail. And Russian hackers stole it from me.

“It wasn’t a perfect campaign, but I was on the way to winning until a combination of Comey’s letter and Russian WikiLeaks. The reason why I believe we lost were the intervening events in the last 10 days.”

That’s like saying, I beat Usain Bolt out of the blocks, thus I was on my way to an Olympic gold medal in the 100 meter dash.

Why are we still talking about the reasons Clinton lost 100+ days after Trump took office? She lost. However, Clinton refuses to accept the truth that she is the reason she lost.

Before Clinton, only one other presidential candidate became more famous in defeat. But even Al Gore got out of the blame game and moved on after the Supreme Court ruled against him in 2000.

Nevertheless, Clinton persists she could have won. But, she’s just the biggest loser…again.

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