Trump Celebrates Cinco de Mayo: Surprising Poll with Latinos

Trump Celebrates Cinco de Mayo: Surprising Poll with Latinos

Break out the cervezas! While the Left is trying to make the wall disappear and squash border security, Trump gains steam among Mexicans. Now that’s something to celebrate!

A new poll just proved Hispanics support Trump at a higher rate than the general public. As the Washington Examiner reports:

#KevinJackson Trump's gaining steam among MexicansHispanic support for Donald Trump has surged since Election Day, and now tops that of the president’s overall approval rating.

In its latest survey, Zogby Analytics said that Hispanic support has hit 45 percent, two points higher than the president’s generic approval.

That is 55 percent higher than the total Latino vote for Trump in the election. He won just 29 percent.

The biggest surprise in this new poll is Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters, which is at 45 percent approval/51 percent disapproval. In February the numbers were less among Hispanics at 39 percent approval/53 percent disapproval,” said Zogby.

This news comes at a bad time…for Leftists.

The notion that after all the talk of rapists and drug dealers, Trump’s popularity grows doesn’t bode well for Leftists. They have tried to paint the president as xenophobic and dispassionate, but as you can see their efforts are not working.

Hispanics understand the logic Leftism ignores. So many have banned together in support of Trump.

According to one Facebook page,

The media is ignoring that many, many voting Americans of Latino and Hispanic descent are conservatives and in fact support a strong border! [They] support having a legal immigration workforce. [They] are proud Americans and also embrace their strong heritage and culture.

In many Texas border towns, immigrants who came legally are the ones most bothered by illegal immigration.

Take, for example, Tony Castañeda — a third generation Mexican-American and former police chief in Eagle Pass, Texas — who is vehemently against full amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“A lot of my relatives are still waiting in line on the Mexican side… They’re paying their fees and submitting their paperwork. They’re waiting their period of time,” Castañeda explains. “Relatives of mine have been on the line for 15 years, trying to get across, trying to get their status. And some people just come in the middle of the night, and then want to live and hide and benefit from a lot of things we have in this country, taking it away from American citizens.”

Castañeda continues:

“I have a Social Security card. You have a Social Security card,” he said, as he stood on a bluff overlooking the U.S.-Mexico border. “I have to pay IRS taxes when I’m due, and these people are not paying any of those. They are taking advantage of several programs that are out there, so there has to be some type of control because it’s bleeding us. it’s bleeding us left and right. And, I mean, we can’t go into Mexico and live there forever. They have their own rules, their own laws that people need to comply with. And we would like for their folks to also comply with ours.”

The numbers don’t lie when they are in favor of Trump.Looks like the Left is wrong again. Mexicans do want that wall.

It’s obvious the Left is wrong again. Americans of Mexican descent want that wall, as do most Americans.

And Trump will make it happen.

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