Obama’s Dream: City Council Disbands Police Department

Obama’s Dream: City Council Disbands Police Department

Safety is the number one attribute people consider when deciding where to live.

But Leftists don’t care about our safety. They only want to save money, so they can give it to the mostly undeserving.

So, residents of Forest Lake Minnesota were outraged at the City Council’s decision to disband its police force recently. The City Council cast a 3-2 vote to contract the local county’s police force by September 1. They will then rely on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for services instead.

When the decision was made, a roaring crowd of boo’s and expletives were directed at the person who cast the deciding vote, Mayor Ben Winnick.

Savings to the city, a marginal $350,000:

“This is an opportunity for the city and the county to work together for the mutual benefit of our residents by saving them a significant amount of money and providing increased patrol and depth of services that we, as a city, could not provide for them.”

This is Leftists response to their own mismanagement of cities. They claim to save money, but at best this move only saves money temporarily.

Policing works in Forest Lake.

According to crime statistics, Forest Lake is safer then 43% of cities in the United States. 

For every 100,000 people, there are 7.64 daily crimes that occur in Forest Lake. The overall crime rate in Forest Lake is 2% lower than the national average. 

I can see why local residents are not happy about this outcome. In an effort to supposedly save money, why are Leftist morons willing to make the largest county in Minnesota less safe? 

Forest Lake will soon become the largest city in Minnesota (with a population of 19,000) without its own police department. The current staff of 23 officers will lose their jobs.

Shortly after the Leftist lie of Ferguson, the Fed proposed the same for that city of roughly 21,000. Other municipalities around Ferguson actually implemented this exact idea. Ironically, some of these towns have higher violent crime rates per capita than Chicago.

As for Forest Lake, an online petition was posted the following day demanding the mayor’s removal. The petition had over 1,500 signatures within a few hours. Residents made it very clear that they pay the taxes and they do not want their local police force gone.

In the end, removal of the police will cost the city more. The city will not become safer. In fact, it will be less safe. But Leftists will feel like they did something to help the community, and pat each other on the back for exactly nothing.
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