REVEALED: Lynch Promised to do everything she could to protect Hillary from CRIMINAL CHARGES

REVEALED: Lynch Promised to do everything she could to protect Hillary from CRIMINAL CHARGES

After all the hullabaloo about Slick Willy and Loretta Lynch NOT doing anything untoward on that Phoenix, Arizona tarmac last year, we now know otherwise.

Obama’s former attorney general Loretta Lynch is under fire today.

Protect Hillary from Criminal ChargesWhen Republican lawmakers publically questioned FBI Director James Comey on Capitol Hill today, they exposed Lynch for the partisan hack that she really is.

Apparently, the FBI found an extremely troubling document written by Lynch which was first obtained by Russian hackers.

This email indicated that Obama’s former attorney general “promised to do whatever it took” to prevent criminal charges from being brought against Hillary Clinton in the Clinton email probe.”

During last years’ presidential election campaign, the FBI investigated then-candidate Clinton for mishandling classified emails on a private server in her basement.

Specifically, the attorney general would make sure the “FBI investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server “didn’t go too far.”

Although Comey would not reveal in public testimony either the sender or receiver, the phrasing used in the document sounds like a close Lynch advisor sent politically motivated assurances to a close Clinton advisor.

The recap:

A former president whose wife is under investigation meets with the Attorney General who’s investigating her.

The two sit down for a coincidental meeting on the tarmac to discuss grandchildren.

Everybody is directed to turn off cell phones.

FBI exonerates the person under investigation.

This doesn’t pass the smell test for a three-year-old.

Pay No Attention to the Corrupt Liberals on the Tarmac.

We were told that well-coordinated “secret” meeting had absolutely nothing to do with politics, right?!?

According to Catherine Herridge at Fox News, we know understand how the information came to light. 

Apparently, they’ve discovered one critical piece of an ongoing Justice Department inspector general’s investigation. So, the actions of both Lynch and Comey are now being explored.

Recall Comey previously confirmed that the former secretary of state was extremely careless in her handling of classified information. However, the FBI declined to press charges against her. At the time, Republicans condemned that conclusion as completely motivated by politics. We now know that Republicans were right to be critical.

In another stunning development, Comey revealed today that he knew the political motivations of the Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac. He also confessed he felt “boxed in by Lynch”, regarding the conclusions he could make in his investigation.

It is clear that Lynch wanted to protect Hillary in order to preserve her ultimately doomed presidential run. And Obama’s former attorney general put pressure on the sitting FBI director (an allegedly independent agency) to affect that goal.

How deep and far the trail of Clinton corruption goes, God only knows. Maybe one day, the rest of us will as well.

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